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"Girls" "take off" the incoming Cao Yunjin partner network red staged 72 – Cao Yunjin Cao Yunjin Sohu Sohu Entertainment Entertainment News reported, a large live inspirational reality show "goddess grow girls" is hot hits. The show gathered 10 different characters of high net value Yan red goddess, in millions of luxury apartments, invited each big star and Master anchor interaction enthusiasm. Combined with fun games and traditional culture, through the full broadcast mode, so that young girls in the short term rapid growth, the completion of the gorgeous perfect metamorphosis. One point: the goddess of battle mode upgrade the program set, sweetheart soft sister goddess, mixed high strong woman Lolita Yan value net red goddess, several different characters with the aura of the girl students in order not to be eliminated, will also come up with special skills, to exhaust all the skills behind the scenes, will be staged a fierce battle PK. More yiyanbuge is racing "old driver" for the qualification at blood leaks, the program got wonderful, full of fun. Aspect two: comic meat chunqiangshezhan launched on the first phase of the program "Xiangsheng meat Cao Yunjin invited to join to help out, this group is not discipline teacher incarnation of obedient girl students. They face the menacing hot sharp questions, how will the comic niche adopted piecemeal to resolve the embarrassing problem? What will be the impact of the collision between the rich and colorful spark? Three things: the fun of the game show sparks game settings is wonderful abnormal signs of danger appearing everywhere and thrilling horror box, limited facelift show, rob real war silhouette and sisters pajama party seriously, face many difficult challenges, girl students will turn pale or helpless can calm calm to deal with? More exciting content behind the scenes, waiting for the "girls" on an outcome.相关的主题文章: