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Arts-and-Entertainment There are many different kind of papers used for gift-wrapping. Fine writing and drawing papers are an expensive but beautiful alternative to more traditional gift-wrapping paper choices. Processed vellums, parchments, rice papers, and even hand-made papers are excellent gift-wrapping choices. Although framing papers are normally too heavy from gift-wrapping, but may be necessary to protect the gift itself. Plastic sheets may provide the desired color for your project. It is a great option for odd shaped presents because it is pretty flexible. Although marbleized papers were developed for bookbinding, there are gift-wrapping papers available resembling this kind of product. Specialty art supplies stores will most likely carry this type of paper product. When you need to create a sophisticated look used this material. Because the colors of this paper are so elegant, you may want to avoid utilizing a bow altogether. Newsprint offers an exciting alternative to more traditional wrapping papers. If you are hosting an oriental theme party, you may use a Chinese newspaper to wrap your gift. If you are throwing a going away party for a friend, you may want wrap the gift in the newsprint of the destination country. A sport gift may be wrapped in the sport section of the paper. The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination. For a child’s present use the .ics section. In addition to utilizing certain themes of papers, you can cut out large letters and spell a message on the packaging. The heavy brown craft paper usually reserved for mailing packages can be an exciting packaging material. You can embellish it or decorate it with dried leaves or flowers. An old map or any map can serve as a gift-wrap. You can choose a map based on the theme of the occasion or the present. For a retirement or going away present, you can select a map of destination. Maps are sure to provide you with a lot of inspiration. Use sheet music for a gift of a musician or if it fits the theme of the event. Sheet music may be the best way to present tickets to a concert or to give a CD. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: