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UnCategorized How do you generate huge amounts of free publicity in such a way that you attract thousands of your target user profile? If you are not celebrity or a politician, what else can you do to get yourself in the news? And how do you get yourself in the news for free, without having to pay millions for a slot during the Super Bowl? With the lack of traffic to your website, you can’t make any money in your online business. There are actually lots of options to choose from. However, we would like to introduce here two, of those options, to drive huge traffic to your site: Signature File and Safe list Advertising. Signature file is a short block of text at the end of a message identifying the sender and providing additional information about them. Most email programs offer the option of setting up your own email signature. The most important reason to use a signature file is that signature files allow you to promote your site indirectly, by simply going about your daily online business. Whether you are posting on message boards, e-mailing other site owners or participating in mailing lists, your signature file gets your basic information and a link to your Web site in front of everyone you e-mail or those who may just read your post on a message board. Your signature file’s contents can help you solidify yourself as an astute technology user and an ethical businessperson, as well as soft sell your business to your contacts. Signature files are the ultimate in online passive promotion when used properly and effectively. Benefits of a signature file: Contains contact information Increase site traffic Less-obvious marketing Builds .pany image Likewise, multiply the effectiveness of your Safelist Advertising. Safelists are groups of members who have ‘opt-in’ their email address to receive advertisement email from fellow safelist members. Your email ad goes nowhere, and no one even reads it. If you were really sending over one million emails a day, then you would receive over one million emails in return. Your email account couldn’t handle that much volume. A targeted safelist involves only those who are in your interested field. Free SafeList advertising can be very successful. Keep sending your ads and you will get responses. However, your email is sent to the same email address as many other free ads and in some cases this can be hundreds of other ads being sent daily and it is near impossible for a person to read all the emails they receive this way. This is where Solo Ad advertising .es in and is the next step to enhancing the performance of your marketing efforts. Solo Ads are sent to the members contact email addresses. (The ONLY person that has access to send to the members using their contact emails is the SafeList Owner). The categories of safelists are: Free membership safelists Paid only membership safelists Paid membership with a free member option safelists Credit system safelists Paid to read safelists. Safelist marketing is really a game of numbers. You may not be able to read all your messages, but you will possibly see some of them. Likewise you can expect other members to read just a few of the messages they receive. The more the number of recipients you have, the more you are likely to reach the persons interested in your offer. If you decide to use safelists as an e-mail marketing method work it hard for awhile and make up your own mind if it is working for you. Be consistent for a period of time and watch your traffic numbers. The essence of the matter doesn’t rely on how you maintain it but on how you expand and increase huge number of visitors that go to your site. In that way, you would gradually see how your site increases its rank popularity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: