Game show actually hit the chest! Unfortunately, the beautiful girl can not carry guitarpro5

Game show actually hit the chest"! Unfortunately, the beautiful girl can not help but say that the 11 district is a place where welfare is everywhere, presumably watching movies you should have experience. Of course, the welfare of the 11 district can not only refer to some action films, even the video games they held, there are full of benefits, do not believe? To feel a sense of! Game player can experience the "hit the chest" in Japan in 2016 Tokyo game show in the exhibition hall (TGS) opened on September 15th, many exhibitors launched VR virtual reality game event, even can experience the "touch" of the game. Surprisingly, for "dummy girl touch" was on the second day of "strike", the staff said, "the first day a day later, she failed, so there is no way to touch the game player." Ella was touched in the game there will be many different reactions, such as anger, shy gaming software developer "M2" will be available in October 13th of the PSV game "plasticity memory" (PLASTIC MEMORIES) with the VR and the touch sensor, the heroine Ella’s dummy on exhibition for game player game player can not only try to touch, see the three-dimensional Ella from special glasses, can touch her "silicone breast with the hand". The first day of the game show is very popular, Ella booth, many game player lining up to "touch", from the rear of the screen can also be found, Ella touched will respond differently, speak different lines, full of telepresence. Ella one day was playing bad, unfortunately, the second day to the video game players have no way to experience the touch of milk, because Ella actually went on strike! M2, a vendor, put a piece of paper on Ella’s chest and said, "ill." And issued a document, said yesterday, a lot of people to play with Ella, the staff found her sensor failure at night, today we can still play VR, but did not touch." Many people are very sympathetic to Ella’s experience, and message for her to justice, must be someone pinch too strong, Ella will strike, some people will not respect girls!" "A little girl to face the whole exhibition, there is no human nature, she is only a child!" (source: swim fast network editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: