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" " barrage; future   lack of supervision occasionally decide on what path to follow; vulgar infringing content – the media – people.com.cn original title: barrage future recently decide on what path to follow the state Internet Information Office, held a special forum in Beijing, on the website to perform online information management responsibility put forward eight requirements. Pointed out that the safety assessment in the Internet news information service website to strengthen the network broadcast, barrage and other new products, new applications, new features on the line. 2016 is known as the first year in the broadcast live, send a barrage of points like gifts to anchor interaction has become the majority of live lovers "masterpiece". According to insiders, not only for meeting barrage and teaching activities under the line, let the movie has a new play in the Internet era, barrage movie has become a kind of fashion viewing. The barrage has gradually become the "90", "00 after" young audience’s new entertainment social way. At the same time, the barrage accompanied the development of problems began to emerge. Due to the absence of regulation, the crazy barrage of comments, even when there is vulgar content of tort. The barrage of large-scale users, is a barrage from Japan ACG comments, refers to the comment like a cannon in the viewing screen rather than rapid. In the current popular video broadcast, the barrage became essential features standard. Related industry data show that since 2015 the number of national online live platform more than 200. The webcast market size of 9 billion, covering up to two hundred million users. Large number of live broadcast platform daily high score while the number of users exceeded 4 million, the number of live room more than 3000. Anchor and online communication with fans through real-time video, is to achieve the barrage. Thus, the use of a large scale and the user scale of the barrage of staggering. The barrage site around 2008 was introduced to China, later evolved into the A station (AcFun) and BiliBili (BiliBili) two big barrage site. At present, the barrage has been domestic Tencent including Youku, etc. most of the popular video website introduction, barrage and even into the University classroom. "Barrage" is itself a supplement of video content, most of the time in the video Tucao quality is higher than the work itself, and with the aid of the network communication is full of all kinds of slot points and bursting point. "Brother see not barrage, is lonely." Netizen "jn2621537289" message seemingly helpless but funny. Netizen "__ gremlins __" said: "the barrage is not for the sake of identity?" Professor, School of Journalism and communication at Tsinghua University in Shenyang, said: "because the expression characteristics of real-time, barrage interactive and entertaining for young people in the form of. The barrage also has distinct and lively language color, full of youthful attributes, with the combination of the characteristics, the barrage has become an art form of young people love." Strengthen the supervision of barrage development however, with the development of the barrage, some experts believe that the barrage to the public view at the same time bring joy to the shadow or video, "bomb)相关的主题文章: