Funny family broadcast the ten anniversary of Xu Minjing recalls that year

Art of "one family" broadcast on the ten anniversary of Xu Minjing Xu Minjing Yi year Sina entertainment news   South Korea’s MBC television family comedy "unstoppable HighKick" ("funny" one family) coincided with the 10 anniversary broadcast. In the play book starring actor Xu Minjing 7, published by SNS. Xu Minjing in the personal SNS upload her in the play photos, the first episode debut and wrote: "many friends sent me a message to say today is" unstoppable "HighKick ten anniversary, so start looking for a photo in coax her daughter asleep, to find the first set. Time is fleeting, can not help but sigh that this young man is who ah. Thank you for always remember this drama, although the past 10 years, but the picture has appeared in my mind, make it difficult to sleep. That place in November 2006, those people, miss you very much." So many users can not help but see the memories of the play. In addition, Xu Minjing married in 2007 and American overseas Korean dentists who settled in the United States after marriage. BNT Wang Rongwen Xu Minjing Instagram (news: commissioning editor Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: