Functional Film -the General Trend Of Soft Pack

Business Plastic film is a production of plastic products in the largest category, variety, in the agricultural, industrial and construction and other fields a wide range of applications. At present, China plastic film production accounts for about 20% of the total output of plastic products, plastic products faster output growth in one of the categories. China’s plastic packaging after 20 years of development, has formed a certain scale, in the packaging market occupies an important position. In 1980 only 191,000 tons annual output value of 3.0 billion in 2002 annual output reached 4.01 million tons, the output value, up to 680 billion yuan, accounting for 250 billion yuan output value of packaging industry in the 27%. As the industry continuously improve the level of equipment, plastic packaging film of the growing trend towards the development of functional, high performance, high-tech plastic packaging film is a pillar industry of many enterprises and research and development goals. Modern packaging products not only have good mechanical properties, including materials, the anti-tensile strength, tear resistance, impact strength, but also have excellent chemical stability, not with the contents of any chemical reaction products to ensure that products built security, should also have a higher temperature resistance, high temperature sterilization and low temperature storage to meet such requirements. The 21st century, China’s largest market for packaging, in fact, is a hi-tech power of modern packaging big battle. In this case, the plastic film for packaging development of new varieties are also very active in order to maximize personalized to meet the market needs. As the material properties of the limitations of their own or price factors, the soft plastic packaging from the original single-layer films have been produced, to a multi-species, multi-level development of the .posite packaging film. Plastic performance improvements will continue to stimulate the development of plastic packaging market, these performance improvements can be extended product shelf life and reduce the use of materials and make packaging more convenient. Experts predict that in the near future the domestic market demand for plastic film may be at an annual rate of 9% continues to grow, China’s plastic film market prospect is very broad. Technological progress makes the packages feature a diversity of development in the trend, in addition to the general strength of the film is suitable for sealing with requirements, mainly through the raw materials, additives or process of adjustment to make packaging film has some special features to fit within the packaging of the functional requirements, such as multi-functional with a high barrier film, can be high-temperature cooking, baking-resistant, low temperature refrigeration, as well as anti-static, anti-rust, anti-odor, shape memory and other plastic packaging material. Abroad, has developed a number of features unique and broad range of packaging by consumers of all ages. Used to digest food, such as protein, fat, starch-based material made of a non-packaged foods affect the taste of food wrapping paper, packaging feature .plete, packaging materials that can be powered by human consumption or feed, both to save resources without polluting the environment, subject to the market. As in Japan have been developed to use in class extracted from the shell chitin de-acetic acid, creating a kind of edible packaging, using this package noodles, condiments, etc., can be directly into the cooking pot, do not have to remove the packaging. Germany invented the chlorophyll stained film: As in most foods contain chlorophyll, and this pigment in the light occurs under irradiation of light-sensitive oxidation and de.position in food energy and thus lead to food decay. To extend the period of food preservation, the traditional use of opaque packaging or packaging materials, or use plastic packaging and make a vacuum in order to cut off food and oxygen. The former can not make an intuitive selection of consumers, while the latter is more .plex and costs are relatively higher, while the introduction of new functional thin film for packaging, not only the method is simple and low-cost and easy selection. China’s packaging industry is a small workshop production had arisen out of the way, its personnel structure and professional structure of the irrational, engineers, senior workers was very low. Senior engineers, technicians and senior technicians are extremely small, while a large proportion of first-line production of skilled workers lack proper professional training, and many enterprises, especially small and medium private enterprises are unwilling to invest in personnel training, which greatly restricted the industry practitioners overall quality improvement in the formation of professionals shortage situation. Thus, my original .posite film industry is undergoing major reforms, around the level, on the scale, on the principle of efficiency to the development of deep processing. Functional thin film is to the newer and higher levels of development, at the same time, ink and adhesives bag printing technology advances also contributed to China’s film industry to a more depth. China’s development of functional thin film is not yet very mature, .panies are still relatively weak sense of innovation. As the product category refinement and specialization of production equipment, domestic enterprises should be the introduction of equipment and technology, based on careful digestion and absorption and improve the independent innovation capability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: