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Business Mini Websites are quickly one of the most powerful and cost-effective solutions for promoting and marketing online. The traditional approach was to build a large site with hundreds of pages selling a variety of products. This technique has often proved to be confusing to the visitor, causing many more click-outs than click-throughs. The average web surfer is searching for very specific information, and if they dont find it in three to five clicks, theyre history. Small business owners especially can get a leg up on the .petition through creating mini sites or special landing pages for products. For example, if a web surfer searches for donuts and finds hundreds of sites selling donuts, she will search for the most direct path to buy his donuts. More value will be given to the sites that offer donuts directly, instead of the ones who first explain about the .pany and so on. Direct marketing tactics are much more effective in this marketplace, where the closest .petition is merely a click away. Capitalization on visitor psychology is an important aspect of direct marketing. Say, for example, a visitor landed on your homepage looking for donuts. Which approach would they be more willing to respond to, example one or example two? Example 1: Wel.e to our site, we produce best of products in world. We have pizzas, donuts, burgers and blah, blah, blah. We are established on blah, blah, blah, with the vision of our founder Mr. XYZ and also greet your visitor with an eye catching animation. Example 2: Looking for donuts? You have .e to the right place. Below are our regular offerings along with the price, Check out todays special, just for you. Like a custom donut of your choice? Click here. Would you like to know more about us? Click here. It is obvious from this example that the visitor will give more weight to example two. Here are a few reasons why: 1.The visitor was searching for donuts, not your .pany specifically. They are interested in the donuts first, and your .pany second. 2.Example two provides exactly what the visitor was looking for without a lot of extra clutter so the visitor can see immediately that she has found what she is looking for. 3.The visitor can learn all they need to know about the donuts and your .pany in just a few clicks. 4.Example two loads fast and does not distract the user with unnecessary flashy animation. 5.Example one contains information about products that the visitor was not looking for. 6.Even search engines will give a higher ranking to example two because it provides more specific information about the product being searched for. In essence, capturing the attention of a visitor and directing them toward your product is more important than explaining who you are, because your product is what will eventually build and define your brand. Allowing the visitor to quickly view and .pare pricing and information on products is essential to maximizing sales and a mini-site is a great way to isolate products. A wise marketer once said, never allow a buyer to think twice as that may provide a chance for a .petitor to grab the deal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: