Fraud scam! Anchor live charity money to shoot on the

Fraud scam! Anchor live broadcast of the public to send money to recover after the end of the [Abstract] in response to live in November 3rd, acknowledged that he has to do public water, fake money, and apologize to fans. "My brother" also said, "I do charity I dare to admit, but why don’t you admit it?" The Liangshan public a Southern Metropolis Daily reported in November 6th recently, in a broadcast platform, a secret "welfare fraud storm is spreading. In the area of Sichuan Liangshan Butuo County, wearing simple villagers become the protagonist live online. In the broadcast, they get food, fruit, clothing and other supplies, as well as a stack component is not small "hundreds", the video of the "volunteers" considerate. However, the warm heart with the end of the scene with the end of the broadcast, they took away, money and things are taken away." The public really fake scam in October 31st, a first in a broadcast platform, called the "secret Liangshan public welfare fraud" video spread. In the video, a dozen villagers are divided into two rows, the front squat stand back child, adult male, wearing all the more austere old, but each child’s hands are holding a stack of red hundred thick; however, a man wearing a white T-shirt is one by one to retrieve the hands of children money, another wearing a black vest, arms tattoo man in the side to watch, in all the money back, two men went to a van in front of. The video is 56 seconds long, starting "fast black uncle" with the text said: "the end of the money back, these people say there are credibility?" Nandu reporter learned that, in the video is the live of a black man named "Suzhou Jie brother" anchor on the platform, the broadcast content display, from September onwards, "Jie brother" to Sichuan Province, Liangshan and other poor areas of "charity", to buy food, clothes and other objects to the villagers. Sometimes the money directly. Jie brother in November 3rd live response, admitted that he has to do public water, fake money, and apologize to fans. "My brother" also said, "I do charity I dare to admit, but why don’t you admit it?" From October 31st onwards, "Jie brother" has repeatedly broadcast false other more than public anchor ". Wei River (a pseudonym) told reporters in Nandu, in fact, including the "black uncle", "Jie brother", as well as a number of public anchor, "team really false, false public money". Wei he said, "see my brother" anchor from September, he presented after a total of 5000 yuan worth of gifts, in addition to "Jie brother", "black uncle", and "OK brother", "Shandong Mei sister", "flower", a total of 5 anchors. Wei River’s experience is not a case, and even its cost is not much, (such) live every day, popularity is also high, up to 5000 people online watch." Live audience high star told reporters in Nandu, according to their memories, Jie brother and other anchors received gifts worth 5000 to $10 thousand per day. More than public people confirmed the south are reporters, "(the anchor) fraud in Liangzhou Butuo county area (public)." A public official said, according to local villagers, anchor in the show is completed, will give the villagers tens of dollars, or something to eat,.相关的主题文章: