Fire risk Toshiba recalls laptop battery-shiyang

Fire risk: Toshiba recalls laptop battery today, Toshiba announced the official website, since November 10th, Toshiba expanded its previous voluntary recall in January 2016 Panasonic battery range. The expanded recall battery refers to the Panasonic batteries that are assembled and used on a particular Toshiba laptop on sale date from July 2013 to November 2016. It is understood that the scope of the recall battery overheating risks exist, may cause combustion or fire risk. For battery within recall range, Toshiba will replace the battery more safely. The number of cells, the recall Chinese affected areas for 5244 blocks, including Satellite notebook battery model involving C40-A, Satellite Pro C40-A, Satellite C840, Satellite C50-A, Satellite C50D-A, and in the process of maintenance replacement to users of the battery (type No. G71C000FS110 and G71C000D7110). Users can visit the official website to see whether the battery is used for the affected products, also can call the Toshiba computer hotline 400-820-2048 get help.

存火灾风险:东芝召回笔记本电脑电池  今日,东芝官网放出公告,自11月10日起,东芝扩大其先前在2016年1月自愿召回的松下电池范围。  这次扩大召回影响的电池指:被组装使用在销售日期从2013年7月至2016年11月的特定东芝笔记本电脑上的松下电池。  据了解,本次召回范围内的电池存在过热的隐患,可能会造成燃烧或者火灾风险。对于召回范围内的电池,东芝将免费更换更为安全的电池。  本次召回中国大陆地区受影响的电池数量为5244块,涉及的笔记本电池型号包含Satellite C40-A、Satellite Pro C40-A、Satellite C840、Satellite C50-A、Satellite C50D-A,以及在维修过程中更换给用户的电池(型号为G71C000FS110和G71C000D7110)等。  用户可登陆官网查看使用的电池是否为受影响的产品,也可以拨打东芝电脑热线400-820-2048获得帮助。相关的主题文章: