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Business A hot new jewelry label with the cute name of CA&LOU is becoming a veritable go to brand for fashion followers who love bold costume jewelry on a budget. The idea for the line comes from two women who have been friends for a decade, Carolina Neri of Italy and Brengre Lux of France. The collection started with a single ring that the women designed together. They then forged two copies of the ring, one for each of them to wear. In fact, the name CA&LOU is an abbreviation of Ms. Neris first name and Lou Lou the nickname for Ms. Lux. ———–   fashion-china-jewelry .com            Both woman have day jobs working in the fashion industry as a fashion stylist and as a fashion business consultant, respectively, and it was the positive reactions to the ring from friends and colleagues that motivated them to branch into designing a line of affordable jewelry. The collection, which includes rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, has been inspired by the costume jewelry of the 1930s and 40s, and is crafted entirely in Italy by Milanese artisans. By using semiprecious stones like malachite and onyx, Swarovski crystals, enamels and metals like silver and bronze dipped in pink gold, the designer duo has been able to keep prices reasonable, with most pieces costing between 300 and 1,200, or about $380 to $1,500. The choice seems to be working for the brand, as its distinctive-looking jewelry has already garnered fans in fashion tastemakers like Margherita Missoni and Giovanna Battaglia. Less than two years old, the collection is already being carried by fashion-savvy stores like 10 Corso Como, Browns, Montaigne Market and Saks Fifth Avenue.                                                                                 ———–   fashion-china-jewelry .com Dont be deceived by the plain facade of the jewelry store Revantic. It is just the means used to better blend in with its 16th-arrondissement surroundings. It also subtly keeps at bay those who arent as committed to the power and beauty of gems as the stores owner Esther Laporte. A whippet-thin redheaded beauty of a certain age, Mrs. Laporte came late in life to the trade of a jewelry merchant. After spending 20 years working as a psychoanalyst, she decided, in 1999, to open a store dedicated to her enduring obsession for exquisite stones. Amassed over a lifetime, her collection ranges from a Byzantine cross to modern pieces that she designed herself using gems culled from the four corners of the globe.              There is no rhyme or reason to the styles, decades or designs of jewelry for sale at Revantic, other than Mrs. Laportes commitment to pieces that use gems in stunning colors and of the highest quality. Her passion for her precious jewels has kept Mrs. Laporte from selling pieces she feels arent right for a particular buyer. But by the same token she admits to dropping prices on other designs when she sees her love of a jewel mirrored in the eyes of the customer sitting across from her. So if you feel yourself worthy, why not step into Mrs. Laportes inner sanctum and revel in a world of vintage and modern jewelry just waiting to be discovered. Revantic, on avenue Victor Hugo, will soon have a Web site                                ———–   fashion-china-jewelry .com .fashionjewelrycentre.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: