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Beauty Thousands of people have chosen to replace natural sun tan with spray tanning, especially since thus you can benefit from a great honey-like skin all year round. It is both rewarding and cheerful to look in the mirror and admire a beautiful tan when it is twenty degrees below zero outside. Is there an advantage of spray tanning over regular indoor tanning? The problem with tanning services is that they are not 100% safe since they still imply exposure to UVA and UVB. The action of the ultraviolets could be one of the most harmful, since even in controlled environment the hazard of getting skin cancer stays pretty high. Spray tanning options are offered by a lot of manufacturers specialized in this market sector. Most items usually include the message easy to apply evenly but if the quality is doubtful, there could be disadvantages to the use of spray tanning. Nevertheless, speaking in ideal terms, spray tanning enables the user to reach spots that are much more difficult to rub with a skin lotion: this happens with the shoulder blades for instance or the lower back areas. Moreover, the chance of getting tan lines and color streaks is reduced with spray tanning as compared with other products. Then, there is a lot less hands on application involved in spray tanning particularly since the pigmentation substances in the composition of the tanner is very difficult to clean off the hands. Then, spray tanning solutions have a better drying rate than gels, foams and lotions which means that you can put on your clothes immediately after applying the sun-free tanning product. One highly new idea is represented by the use of airbrushing booths that spray tanning substances evenly on the entire body. This kind of service is usually available in very prestigious treatment salons. Only use reputable tanning skin products that help to a correct and healthy skin passage of the ultraviolets and thus influence the tanning in itself. Once your mind is at rest about such health issues, you can carry on to uncover more of the indoor tanning tips that help you preserve the tan for a longer period of time. How to deal with exfoliation? How to maximize the tanning period? And last but not least, how to prevent the skin from turning dry or flaky? These are all well documented in magazines and on lots of web pages online. The disadvantage of airbrush spray tanning is that showering after the spray application could be pretty challenging: fingernails for instance are the worst to clean if you do not wear something protective during the self-tanning process. The effect of spray tanning usually stays on the skin for about five to seven days particularly if the skin is moist when you apply the tanner. This means that if the skin undergoes a preparation process before spray tanning then the results will be more rewarding and longer lasting. Enjoy it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: