Do you have a press conference Samsung S7 edge brutally out of the box

Do you have a press conference? Samsung S7 edge was out of the box of sina mobile phone news on February 17th morning news, according to the law in previous years Samsung will launch this year’s flagship product Galaxy S7 S7 edge in MWC next week, after we have seen in the online advertising and the official new spy plane. But just now, foreign users get ahead of S7 edge, and sold on the internet. If the final Samsung did not withdraw the phone before the release, the detailed features of the new product will undoubtedly be fully exposed. 2.5D arc glass that visual sense only in this group of pictures from the online exposure, the new machine has had similar shape and spy video exposure; although compared to the previous generation of products has no obvious distinction, but the edge of more moist glass effect showed his positive 2.5D glass came to us. Based on sales reasons, the photos don’t show much detail. The effect of mobile phone has been hung in the online sale, the price of 4500 dirhams, about 7980 yuan. Given its early media value, this price is very conscientious, but whether Samsung will recycle it by different means is unknown. Accessories list basic hardware, Samsung S7 will use 5.1 inches 2K screen, battery is 3000mAh; S7 Edge uses 5.5 inches 2K screen, battery is 3600mAh. Two new machines are equipped with Xiaolong 820 processor, built-in 4GB Dayun storage, capacity of 32GB. Their other functions include pressure touch screen, IP67 waterproof function and so on. Specific to the public sale price, according to the latest information of Holland website Tweakers show, 32GB version of Samsung S7 is priced at 699.99 euros, 32GB version of S7 Edge is priced at 799.99 euros, which is consistent with Samsung S6 and S6 edge listing price. Considering the price consistency of the last two exposures, the price of Samsung S7’s previous generation should remain the same without any accident. (Wang Di)

还用开发布会么?三星S7 edge惨遭开箱   新浪手机讯 2月17日上午消息,按照往年规律三星必会在下周的MWC上推出今年旗舰产品Galaxy S7 S7 edge,此前我们也在网上看到过新机谍照和官方广告。不过就在刚刚,有外国用户提前拿到S7 edge真机,并在网上进行发售。如果最终三星并未在发布前收回手机,新品的详细特征无疑会全面曝光。 2.5D弧面玻璃即视感   仅从在网上曝光的这组图片看,新机拥有和此前曝光视频和谍照相似的造型;虽然相比上一代产品并没有明显区分,但是边缘更为润泽的玻璃效果向我们展示了他正面2.5D玻璃的出身。基于贩售原因,所以这组图并没有展示过多细节。 背面效果   目前这款手机已经被挂在网上开卖,售价4500迪拉姆,约合人民币7980元。考虑到其早期的媒体价值,这个价格倒也非常良心;不过三星是否会以不同手段回收这款产品,我们就不得而知了。 配件一览   基本硬件方面,三星S7将采用5.1英寸2K屏,电池为3000mAh;S7 Edge则采用5.5英寸2K屏,电池为3600mAh。两款新机都搭载骁龙820处理器,内置4GB大运存,容量为32GB起。它们其他的功能还包括压力触控屏,IP67防水功能等。   具体到公开贩售版的价格,根据荷兰网站Tweakers最新信息显示,32GB版三星S7售价为699.99欧元,32GB版S7 Edge售价为799.99欧元,这跟三星S6和S6 edge上市时售价相一致。 考虑到最近两次曝光的售价的一致性,不出意外的话,三星S7跟前代的售价应该是保持不变了。(王迪)相关的主题文章: