Deputy director of the recipient is found argued that the stolen car keys

Deputy director of the recipient is found argued that the stolen car keys gifts original title: Hunan a deputy director of the recipient is found argued that the stolen car keys and to the annual festival gift. I can not help but think of last year’s Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the time in correcting the four winds unannounced inspection action. In this town, deputy director of the Hunan province Anren County Finance Bureau of the original members of the party, Chen for accepting cakes and cigarettes were seized on the spot, and in the media exposure, after being dismissed from the post of deputy director general, members of the party, by the party warning. So, the Deputy Secretary of the question of how to receive the ceremony was discovered on the spot? Things have from the start unannounced inspection. To further promote the style of construction, the 2015 Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of Chenzhou City Commission for discipline inspection organizations to carry out cross unannounced visits to the holidays "four winds" of the inspection, I was assigned to Anren county to carry out unannounced visits. In September 24th 11 in the morning, we came to a pedestrian unannounced inspection group Anren County Finance Bureau, plans according to predetermined unannounced visits, unannounced visits were divided into 2 groups, one group in the car through the camera to shoot the dark, the other group directly into the office building of town. "Will anyone violating discipline, while after a little to the Finance Bureau leadership gifts?" I said. So, I join with unannounced visits to the small Peng in the office building door stopped, observe staff hand goods. For a moment, we saw a woman from the car took a gift bag quickly on the side of Hunan L9× × × × the car trunk, then the woman hurried into the office building. This anomaly has aroused our attention, I immediately gave Xiao Peng a wink. Followed by the small Peng in the woman, see it has entered the two or three, more than four offices. I also found immediately made a report to the squat in the car led. They suspect the vehicle Xiang L9× × × × information verification, confirmed that the car owners chen. After a brief discussion, our inspection team to leave a person guarding the suspect in the next vehicle, in case of being taken away or the car to take away the gift, other personnel into the office building. By looking at each floor of the cadres publicity card, found the owner Chen Anren county finance bureau Party members, deputy director. Understand the true identity, we went straight to Chen office, to produce a work permit and explained what he wanted, he asked with open Hunan L9× × × × the trunk of the car. With the "unlock snap", you see a box of moon cake gift bag with the trunk and two high-grade cigarettes. See this case, strongly defended, said Chen talk ambiguously, the trunk of the gift is a woman while he does not pay attention to take the car keys. But in the face of sufficient evidence, Chen confessed his accepting gifts facts. After investigation, the gift of a woman for a company in Hunan yang. September 25th, we will report the situation to the Chenzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, after the report to the clues 3相关的主题文章: