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Customer Service When working with people it is always important to be conscious of how you are treating your customers. With a happy customer you have a happy business. The saying The customer is always right, is true to an extent. The customer may not always be right but in the end they will have the upper hand considering the money they spend in your place of business is paying your bills. Following a few simple tips can potentially get you the customer satisfaction you are looking for. 1.Listen to your Customer: Pay attention and really listen to your customers wants and needs. Give them your undivided attention and you will have .plete understanding of what they are looking for. If you can give them what they want, your customer will leave satisfied knowing that they were listened to and able to receive quality customer service. 2.Give the Customer What They Want: Sometimes a customer will ask that you fulfill a request that can be quite ridiculous, but if you can make it possible to satisfy their needs then it will make your customer feel that even when they have somewhat unreasonable requests they are getting what they are paying for. 3.Be Genuine: Dont just put on a happy face because you have to, make it known that you enjoy what you are doing. If you give off the vibe that you are being fake or unhappy, not only are you giving poor customer services, you will essentially lose business. Let the customers know you want to help and attend to anything they might need your assistance for. 4.Make Your Customer Feel Valued and Important: Addressing them by their first name will make them feel that you are being personable and that you care. Being sincere and keeping the topic on what they are looking for shows them that you value taking the time to help them out. 5.The Customer Always wins: If you find yourself in a situation where you are wrong, of course you should apologize and move forward in satisfying your customers needs. But sometimes the situation is reversed and it is the customer that is wrong, it is still your job to make them feel .fortable and without telling them they are wrong you simply tell them the correct way to deal with the problem so they dont feel attacked. 6.Ask for Feedback: Give your customers a chance to be 100% honest about your customer service. Good or bad, it gives you an opportunity to tweak the way you do things to improve, or to ultimately stick with the tactics that you have that are keeping your customers happy. Having the right customer service approach is the key to have a successful business. People will keep .ing back if they feel that they are valuable customers. Follow these tips and build up a strong, successful background of customer service skills. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: