Crooks play a new gimmick swept the two-dimensional code a woman cheated 5400 yuan-darren hayes

Liar play new tricks sweep dimensional code a woman cheated 5400 yuan Wenzhou anti fraud centre yesterday revealed that this year, the center has received a report by the third party payment platform for the implementation of fraud cases since more than 6 thousand and 500, the number of cases and the growth rate has exceeded the traditional transfer by bank card fraud. The center reminded that this modus operandi is more novel, the public should be vigilant. The data of the third party payment platform into a new channel for fraud from the city of anti fraud center data show that 1~8 months of this year, the city’s communications network fraud fell 3.04% year-on-year, especially in 6, 7 and August, down 14.92%, 12.13%, 20.18%. This year, the city through the bank card transfer fraud cases amounted to more than 3500 cases, through the implementation of the third party payment platform fraud cases up to more than 6500. This year, 1~4 months, these two data were more than 1800 and up from 2700. Obviously, the latter case number and growth rate has significantly exceeded the former. Compared with the traditional use of bank card crime, because the third party payment institutions to apply for a more convenient way to transfer money, money cash is more subtle, more efficient, and the place of crime to break geographical restrictions, therefore, more and more fraudsters favor". City anti fraud center official said, most of the traditional fraud by bank card transfer, through the freezing of bank cards and other means, the police can quickly stop. And through the third party payment platform transfer, want to use the same method is difficult to stop. The case of "colleagues" sent a two-dimensional code, she cheated thousand yuan yesterday afternoon, Ms. Cao people colleagues by QQ two online shopping to pay two-dimensional code. Ms. Cao sweep two-dimensional code, has transferred 499 yuan and $498. After that, Ms. Cao telephone contact colleagues confirmed that QQ was stolen colleagues, two-dimensional code is sent by the fraudsters. September 10th, the new Wenzhou Ms. Liu online to find a part-time job in a search engine to find a single brush work. Then, she provided through the web page on the QQ contact with each other, by sweeping a two-dimensional code cheated 5082 yuan in the other sites provided after August 11th; live in the city, Ms. Wu in a website also received a copy of the brush single business, she scanned the two-dimensional code repeatedly scalping, the cheated 5400 yuan.相关的主题文章: