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Internet-and-Business-Online In contrast, the .mercial open source systems are based on open source technology, but are packaged in a software service on a services platform with a host of standard features built into the platform. These platforms have a tendency to eliminate the FUD factor by applying the latest web technologies that eliminate the licensing rights to property, which are reducing the cost of ownership by simplifying development and maintenance efforts, provides a scalable solution that meets the demands of small and large .panies and are attractive both business owner and web developers alike. The last point is the key difference between open source platform and the current available .mercial open source platforms. The advantages of Drupal is that it is very revealing friendly, but you have to participate in the Drupal code owner, who has a strong .munity to help discern the dozens (hundreds) of functions and labels available, and can be used to create some truly impressive web sites that can outperform most sites out there. If you are considering a new website is vital to make sure your web design .pany, is being built using a content management system or CMS. In its simplest form, a CMS allows non-programmers to add, edit and delete content of a web page with a simple what you see is what you get, or WYSIWYG editor. It is almost the same as using a word processor to create a document and just easy. A word of warning on the CMS is concerned. With so many freely available and widely supported in application systems, to prevent firms from offering their own CMS. They have the power and flexibility of the systems mentioned above have not been as rigorously tested and go bankrupt if there is no one to support. Choose a platform system and save a lot if the penalty. A content management system adheres to W3C standards so it is more future-oriented and easy to use. It also shows the ability of search that can make the modification, addition and deletion of pages with the help of integrated browser-based editor. Along with that, the navigation menu links are automatically adjusted in the same web pages. But for one small page, change is often not a leader, not a lot of information, the CMS is an exaggeration. Money in the content management system and web page design output can be used much less than a simple HTML. In this example, the CMS is unnecessary and its properties are not well used. It is important for web design professionals and their customers know what method to use in every situation. After all, if a CMS, the latest features and is ideal for use in certain cases, it is a waste of time and money to be elsewhere. Be careful, this issue is very important. Any person who will be involved in web design should take the time to consider what type of website that will do the job better. For .plex sites that need to be editable by untrained personnel and that changes a lot, a CMS is the best bet. However, web design for a simple, static site does not have to be so .plex. It all depends on the situation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: