Chongqing, Qijiang art can help the poor

Chongqing: Qijiang art can also help the news agency of the new network in Chongqing in August 30 in poverty – Xinhua: Chongqing Qijiang: Factory Village art can also help poor author Zhong Yi in Qijiang District of Chongqing Qi Mountain elevation 850 meters at the town of Yongxin, a group of artists coming, changed the villagers facing the loess back into the air. Life. In 2010, the location of construction in the mountain village village Qi art factory. Up to now, the art village has 80 artists, 39 Artists Studio signed settled. The influx of artists Mountain Art Village ancient Jian, let originally "keep alive in purdah" on the factory village, "the art of poverty, poverty alleviation has let farmers life art" with "new hope". "We noticed that visitors to the art village leisure entertainment, travel time favorite with villagers homemade bacon and chicken, duck mountain and other products." Yongxin town factory village Party branch secretary Cai Chunqi said, at the beginning of 2015, the factory on the village there are 19 poor households, poverty population of 40 people. Sometimes even a dish can not sell, there is no way to transport pigs. In order to meet the needs of tourists, on the factory village in addition to encourage the villagers opened the farmhouse, also highlight the planting and breeding of two points, the first half of 2016 the whole village to achieve economic income of 5 million yuan (RMB, same below), the average income of more than 1 yuan". The artist did not live in the village of art, the domestic service market demand. "My house, planting of agricultural and sideline products" for a version of the artist in the art village, poverty caused by the villagers Wu Wenqiang list factory Murata has now a monthly fixed salary of 2000 yuan, when the tourist season and he also sell agricultural products, the annual income of 40 thousand yuan last year, let me completely removed in the hat of poverty". The poverty of the village on the factory was also seen in the eyes of artists. Deputy Secretary General of Chongqing Artists Association chairman Li Yili in 2013 in the art village, "the people who often contact the poor part". He sprouted the idea of using the influence of the art village to train the villagers to create prints and sell prints in order to increase their income. In December 2015, the first phase of free farmers prints training classes, there are more than 20 villagers in. "The day I was in the village of Lixiubaokan, I will return home to pick up the brush when the artist’s addiction." 62 year old villager Wu Shihua said, in January this year, his prints "pig" is two people carrying a visitor to the price of 200 yuan bought, greatly inspired him to study painting enthusiasm. "Hold a lifetime of hoes, do not know how to pick up the pen." The 75 year old Ren Yongzhen painted on paper she most familiar "fish", she is looking forward to the tourists themselves work, earn money to support their family "". "We hope that the village will not only help the villagers to achieve economic poverty, but also to bring the spirit of poverty alleviation." Li Yili revealed that the next step, the art village will make full use of the Internet, from a variety of ways, such as media clients to print the market to farmers. In the future, the training course will also teach the villagers to produce small, easy to print works, sold to the village to visit the art of tourists, so that more villagers rely on the art village, eat ‘art’". (end)相关的主题文章: