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Children learn cooking practice to do service school students as cheap labor in contemporary life daily news (reporter   Feng Yaohua) before the Mid Autumn Festival, from Suzhou to Nanning technical school students Xiaowei (a pseudonym) father complained to Mr. Wei, he didn’t learn cooking in senior technical school of Guangxi, had been a year of professional courses, by the school to arrange a Suzhou hotel as a waiter, is engaged in cooking has nothing to do with their professional work, but also did not get wages. Mr. Wei heard son complained that, had to send their children to school, read the three year vocational school, according to the previous practice should be two years before the professional lesson, the school will arrange students out of practice. Now only a year out, he heard that this year the school freshmen enrollment school too much, not enough, the school was out of this way to get out the old practice, maneuvers out of the dormitory for the new residence. Mr. Wei said that if you go to practice, do not work with the professional, can not learn anything, the school is not to take the students as a cheap labor force? September 18th afternoon, the reporter contacted the Guangxi senior technical school vice president Wei Xiaoyan, Mr. Wei to reflect the problem, Mr. vice president said, before 2013, the school curriculum is to learn before going out after two years of practice, but after 2013, according to the Ministry of education "school occupation school students practice management Regulations" of teaching reform the Ministry of education, referred to in the provisions, to encourage and support the occupation school and explore the practical teaching reform and the alternation of term, segmented and other forms of cooperation internship. At the end of August this year, the school arranged for more than one year students to a Suzhou hotel with post internship, is a reflection of "Alternation", in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of education, there is nothing wrong with. As for is not engaged in cooking related working parents mentioned, Wei Xiaoyan explained that the student branch internship with post internship and practice, the general practice to learn first with the post after a year, because the students just turned 16 years old, still do not have the ability to operate independently, can not fully meet the requirements of the post, only in the auxiliary work. With the post practice is mainly adapt the workplace atmosphere, feel the work unit work processes, training students in the spirit of hard, this is a kind of exercise is not learning, parents say "don’t learn what to", and with the post practice after 5 months to return to school to continue learning, after the internship school certainly will be engaged in the work of professional counterparts. As parents suspect school buildings are not enough, Wei Xiaoyan said there is no problem, Guangxi senior technical school beds more than 10 thousand, currently only about more than 9 thousand students at school. There is no shortage of beds. In addition, the students to practice is also a wage, the package to eat a month to live 1800 yuan, but to do a full month before the reunification of the distribution, there is no pay day.相关的主题文章: