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The Importance Of Work Ownership In Team Building Posted By: leadersspeakers

team building How To Deal With Workplace Conflict? Posted By: leadersspeakers

conflict managment How To Manage Your Career Change Posted By: Catherine Trebble When you set goals for yourself and pursue a dream in life, there will be times when you will feel like you are under a lot of pressure and experience stress. Finding ways to simplify your life and reduce stress is important when it comes to achieving success. The following are some useful tips. Make the Best of Your Resources To help reduce stress and simplify your life, you will need to make the best of your resources. You might not have a lot of money and you may need to find ways to take care of things like daycare and errands. You can find friends and other supportive individuals to help you. A supportive friend can be the most wonderful resource to you because oftentimes what we really need most is someone to listen to us, to encourage us on with our hopes and dreams. If you are short on supplies, you might have to talk to friends and people to see if they can help you out. If you don’t have certain things you need, then be creative and resourceful.

career change Planning And Post-mortem Are Essential In Corporate Turnaround Posted By: Mike Teng Planning tells you what is going to happen, post-mortem tells you what has happened Both planning and post-mortem are essential management tools needed to achieve corporate objectives, as well as to prevent the recurrence of the same mistakes. Planning for change must be the ever-present concern of every executive. At the same time, if events do not happen as planned, a post mortem is to be conducted so as not to repeat the same planning errors. General Dwight D Eisenhower’s famous quote, "Planning is nothing and planning is everything" was a response to his cynical colleagues, who believed that, because plans never survive first contact with the enemy, planning was a waste of time. In the corporate world, quite often, planning gets thrown out of the window because of mounting short-term pressures to perform and deliver the bottom line. Those who fail to plan are ultimately planning for a post-mortem. It is not that postmortem is unimportant but companies should always plan to succeed and minimize the occasions to do post-mortem on failed projects. Planning companies outperform those non-planning ones. Crises and the unexpected changes are no longer a rare, random or abnormal part of our lives.

planning Companies Without Strategies Are Heading For Tragedies Posted By: Mike Teng Many businesses are still focusing on yesterday’s problems at the expense of forgoing future opportunities. The best chess players always have a strategy in place. But in businesses, future planning seems to play second fiddle to analyzing of past performance. Architects would not build a house without the architectural plans because selecting the wrong layout or laying the wrong foundation or using the wrong building materials could result in disaster. The house can collapse on you after you move in. A strategic plan is the architectural blueprint for your business. Executives always have the excuse for not doing strategic planning. They reckon that things are changing so rapidly. It does not make sense to do ten or even five year planning as events will change and it is not possible to preempt changes any more. It is true that nowadays environment changes are very rapid and that makes long-term planning even more difficult. Non-strategic planning companies give the excuse that planning results in paralysis through too much analysis. It is also true that some companies cover their backs with expensive market research and spreadsheet analyses. However, one should not throw out the baby with the bath water.

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