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Software Transmission inefficiencies like network latency and data loss have been the pet peeves of desktop virtualization. The weak network performance for thin .puting protocols at remote sites diminishes the user experience. Thus, out of .pulsion, organizations have to set up additional data centers, purchase costly hardware accelerators, use pricey networks and also employ legacy systems. Because of these negative aspects, businesses have to maintain multiple data centers for different geographical locations. The creation of the VDA, or virtual desktop accelerator, by Wyse, assures users have access to virtual thin client .puting solutions, reduces extra costs spent on networks and also eliminates the need for regional data centers. With the VDAs assistance, enterprises can undertake data center consolidation, improve their staff management process and reduce maintenance costs. Features VDA accelerates Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP protocols for applications and virtual desktop accessibility. It functions on networks with highly expanded bandwidth area with accelerated connection capabilities to Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View, Microsoft Hyper-V VDI and Microsoft Terminal Server. It expedites the performance of the processing architecture, facilitates control of maximum bandwidth usage for each connection and increases the security of the underlying protocols. Benefits The VDA solution is easy to deploy without any additional hardware or software and is designed for optimal deployment of virtual desktops. As the use of data centers is limited and reduced, it fosters green technology with less energy consumption and toxic emissions. Remote users can greatly benefit from the VDA as it improves the network performance and provides users with a quality experience similar to that experienced by the local users. It provides businesses great advantage with its disaster recovery capabilities by promptly connecting users to alternate data centers without any .promises. Solutions for Rich Media Apps Web pages replete with graphics, flash and rich media applications receive an accelerated impetus from the VDA solution for quick delivery. It can accelerate low bandwidth and low latency connections too. All multimedia applications, audio, flash and USB support is delivered on virtual desktops without any negative impacts on the network. Technology for flash acceleration provides immense benefits to those using Firefox browsers. VDA supports encrypted USB drives which are redirected, thus providing security to confidential data. VDA provides valuable solutions for accelerating network performance. It .plements thin client virtualization and promotes green .puting. It provides rich user experience to the mobile workforce, offshore staff and is ideal for work at home call centers. It provides the best solutions for cloud .puting, supports rich media applications and offers desktop About the Author: 相关的主题文章: