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Landscaping-Gardening For many indoor Cannabis growers their first contact with Bud Rot is when they look at their plants one day and see a grey, mouldy bud appear, usually on the very best and biggest buds. Closer investigation often reveals a mould riddled bud that joins onto a damp, infected part of the stem, often infecting other buds that are in the same area. This can be soul-destroying. After weeks of vegetative growth, followed by five to six weeks of flowering, now, just as your plants are about to mature, along .es a problem that many inexperienced growers do not consider, how to prevent and stop bud rot. Botrytis cinerea to give it it’s scientific name, in extremely .mon in nature, and unless given the ideal conditions for development, causes no ill effects to plants. However, given ideal conditions it can spread rapidly, attacking plants such as Cannabis, Grapes and Tomatoes. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as the saying goes, and it is very true when it .es to stopping bud rot. Although Botrytis is the most .mon form of mould to attack Cannabis, it is not alone, there are in fact several different varieties, although all thrive in similar environments, so preventing one, reduces the likely-hood of other fungal outbreaks too. A .bination of climate control and cleanliness is essential in preventing the development of all mould and fungal attacks. Temperature and humidity control will greatly reduce the chances of bud rot developing and ruining your crop. In a perfect world where Cannabis growers are left to grow the best Cannabis possible, without breaking any laws or fearing prison, all growers would utilise a climate management system that automatically controlled the plants environment, providing the perfect climate in which to grow or flower. Sadly for many growers, in many countries, this is not the case, and they are forced to hid their indoor gardens in enclosed rooms, spaces and growing tents, and this is often where the problem starts. Bud rot and other fungal infections thrive when the air is humid and the temperature drops. If you are not extracting stale air and replacing it with fresh, if you allow your growing area to get cold when the lights are off, if you are not using some form of humidity control, then beware! You are providing the perfect conditions for the development of all forms of mould, bud rot being the most .mon amongst Cannabis growers. There are several relatively cheap ways to alter the climate in your growing area, and so reduce the chances of losing your plants to bud rot; 1) Fit a standard kitchen/bathroom extractor unit into your area. .bined with standard tubing, available from all grow shops, these cheap to buy and run, and almost silent extraction units will remove the stale air from your tent or cupboard quickly, cheaply and effectively. 2) Change the light regime. Many growers have their lights on during the day and off at night. Although often better for security, switching them to run the opposite way would allow the heat from the lights to warm the air during the night, leading to less severe temperature changes and reducing the chances of bud rot developing during the cold night hours. 3) Reduce the humidity within the growing area with a Stop The Rot Bag which absorbs and collects moisture from the growing area. Reducing humidity requires the removal of moisture from the air. Many items such as shoes, bags and wallets are sold with a small packet of silca gel inside to help collect the moisture and remove any damp smell. The Stop The Rot Bag is a purposely designed secure product that uses similar crystals to reduce the humidity during the flowering stages. 4) Reduce the amount of standing water in the area and only water the plants first thing in the morning, and never at the end of their daylight hours. Any standing water or damp soil will evaporate to some degree during the night. If this moisture is added to humid air and low temperatures you are providing an ideal opportunity for bud rot to develop. 5) Provide a supply of clean, fresh air. This is vital for good bud growth and development, however, if you are pumping damp, cold air at night, in the winter or when it is raining, the chances are that you are actually encouraging bud rot, rather than preventing it. Try to intake fresh air at the times of the day when it is clean and an ideal temperature. These are just a selection of hints and tips to help you reduce the chances of bud rot ruining your Cannabis plants. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, so do all you can to prevent and stop bud rot killing your buds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: