Bridal Lehengas For The Killer Looks On D Day!

Arts-and-Entertainment Killer looks are something you cannot do without for the lady who has already made the kill on her D day. You simply cannot imagine a bride without one of the finest and heavily decorated lehengas hugging her stature like there is no tomorrow. There are bridal lehengas for the different occasions that go to .plete the entire function that we call as marriage. Be it the Sangeet ceremony, or the main wedding or the reception etc., there is a bridal lehenga designed and made to suit the occasion in the most appropriate manner. It is simply amazing the level of embellishments that you can add to your lehengas. Not that it is any less attractive in its most basic form. Still, the more the merrier. Lehangas are legacy from the Mughals! Lehengas .prise of the long umbrella like flowing skirt like garment, the choli and the dupatta. This was how the Mughals left their legacy and till today, the lehengas including the bridal lehengas have retained this age old format . Even design and style wise, there is hardly any major change that has .e through and the valued clientele continue to lap up the finery turned out by the traditional artisans as well as the more established brands (who fall in the organized sector) continue with the age old patterns and stylizations. It is very interesting to note here that centuries ago, women of all ages used to wear lehenga cholis in the same way they do so today jeans and T-shirts. It was a daily wear for them. Bridal lehengas by their very definition and more heavy and serious affairs. Women plan, brain storm and discuss for months on end before they are finally happy with the choice of the bridal lehenga arrived at for their wedding. Jar dozy, sequins, zari work, latkans (something similar to tassels), bead work, form the decoration that you can liberally look forward to splashing on your bridal lehenga. The material, of course, has to be very high quality silk, or a mix of synthetic materials. Brocades and heavy embroidery are, of course something that forms the basic character of your bridal wear. Red, beige, saffron, or a heady mix of three or more colours form the obvious and much sought after colour choices. The Artistic Mehendi Party Lehenga is something that we would re.mend strongly here. The would bride need not even step out and do her wedding trousseau shopping. Online retailing of bridal lehengas and other bridal wear and accessories is big business in India with several web portals doing roaring business out of it. About the Author: Satyajit Banerjee is an expert writer in handicraft arena and writes for Craffts.., an e.merce portal for handcrafted and Handmade products. It offers wide range of products across various categories ranging from Bridal Lehengas,Wedding Lehengas,Lehenga Choli,Lehenga Sarees much more. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: