Auction companies Office of fair skinned false identification fee of people because of fraud trial (

"Auction companies" Office of fair skinned false identification fee of people because of the fraud trial to see their own collections have no market, but did not expect to fall into the trap of "collection of auction companies". The day before, Hongkou District court in this case involving 79 victims, involving up to 2 million 229 thousand yuan contract fraud case verdict, fan and other 23 defendants to contract fraud were sentenced to 11 years imprisonment and detention ranging fined 100 thousand yuan to 4 thousand yuan. Fictional buyers, sellers into the trap season, is a businessman in Zhejiang, usually keen to watch treasure TV programs, and use the opportunity to collect two wrong version coins. At the beginning of this year, the wrong version of the coins in the market value of a quarter will fluctuate, so their collections of photos on the Internet, hoping to hear the expert appraisal. Soon, he claimed to be a Huasheng company clerk Wu contacted him, said experts have already seen the two wrong version of the coins, at least you can sell 1 million 700 thousand yuan, and will hold a private transaction in the company, I hope a season quickly meet with buyers. The season after hearing of a heart, with the wrong version of the coins hurrying to Huasheng Company, the staff said that the buyer has to the company, and soon will be able to facilitate transactions. So, a quarter of the staff came to the fair scene, and the so-called buyers were communicated. Under the great lobbying of the staff, Ji MOU signed an agreement on the art trade. After that, the staff said that the buyer has paid a certain percentage of intention money, but the authenticity of the wrong version of the currency is not assured, hoping to cooperate with a quarter of testing. Ji had relaxed his vigilance, and agreed to hand over the test to the testing institute. However, after the payment of more than 2 yuan of testing fees, the season is like a wrong version of currency imitation products conclusion. The company will return the collection to a quarter, and said that in accordance with the contract, the fees and fees that have been charged cannot be returned. At this time, a season come to understand that he is in a trap. As many as 79 people have been cheated, not the only victims. The detection of the suspected fraud case in Hongkou Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment, from Zhejiang, Henan, Shanxi, Gansu, a total of more than 30 victims were also reported to the police and the victim cheated, as many as 79. The court found that the fan in March 2015 and together with Wu, Leimou premeditated act as shareholders, jointly funded the establishment of Huasheng Company, to carry out the so-called cultural relics auction. From May 2015 to November, the gang used Internet, telephone and other means of communication through fictional buyers to buy cultural relics at high prices, lured victims from all over the country to sell cultural relics, and signed the agreement of art trade and service contract. The cultural relics detection, transactions need to pay a deposit name, to lure the victim to the designated inspection company to pay inspection fees and pay the deposit, and finally to cultural relics unqualified grounds to cancel the transaction, thus defrauding money, proceeds by the defendant with the commission. The court held that the above 23 defendants illegally obtained the money given by the other party for the purpose of illegal possession, which constituted the crime of contractual fraud. Due to the documentary evidence that fan et al set up a company, he tried to defraud the victim’s money by means of crime, so it was not a unit crime

“拍卖公司”假办交易会专骗鉴定费 多人因诈骗受审 本想看看自己的藏品有没有市场,没想到却掉入“藏品拍卖公司”的圈套。日前,虹口区法院对这起涉及79名被害人、涉案金额达222.9万元的合同诈骗案件作出一审判决,范某等23名被告人以合同诈骗罪被分别判处有期徒刑11年至拘役不等,并处罚金10万元至4千元不等。虚构买家,卖家入圈套季某是名浙江生意人,平时热衷于收看藏宝类电视节目,并利用工作机会珍藏了两张错版币。今年年初,错版币在收藏市场上价值疯涨,季某于是将自己的藏品照片传到网上,希望听听专家的估价。不久,一位自称是华圣公司业务员的吴某主动联系上了他,称已有专家看过这两张错版币,起码可以卖170万元,并称即将在公司内举办一场私下交易会,希望季某赶紧与买家见面。季某听后怦然心动,携错版币匆匆赶赴华圣公司,工作人员表示买家已到公司,很快就能促成交易。于是,季某跟随工作人员来到交易会现场,与所谓的买家进行了沟通。在工作人员的大力游说下,季某签订了一份艺术品交易协议书。之后,工作人员表示,买家已经缴纳了一定比例的意向金,只是对错版币的真伪放心不下,希望季某配合进行检测。季某此时已放松了警惕,于是同意交检测机构检测。然而,在支付了2万余元检测费用后,季某等来的却是错版币系仿品的结论。公司将藏品返还季某,并表示按照合同约定,已经收取的入场费、检测费不能退回。此时,季某才恍然明白自己是中了圈套。各地被骗人多达79名季某并不是唯一的受害者。在虹口公安分局经侦支队侦破该起涉嫌诈骗犯罪案的同时,来自浙江、河南、山西、甘肃多地共计30余名受害者也向警方报案被骗,而实际的受害人则多达79名。经法院审理查明,范某于2015年3月间与伙同吴某、雷某经事先预谋担任股东,共同出资成立华圣公司,开展所谓文物拍卖活动。2015年5月至11月间,该团伙利用网络、电话等通讯手段通过虚构买家报高价购买文物诱骗全国各地被害人至公司出售文物,并签订《艺术品交易协议书》及《服务合同》。再以文物需要检测、交易需要交纳保证金等名义,诱使被害人至指定检测公司交纳检测费以及交纳保证金,最后以文物检测不合格为由取消交易,从而骗取钱款,所得款项由各被告人提成分用。法院认为,上述23名被告人以非法占有为目的,骗取对方当事人给予的钱款,均已构成合同诈骗罪。由于在案证据证明范某等人设立公司时就预谋以犯罪方法骗取被害人钱财,故不属于单位犯罪,对相关行为应以自然人犯罪处理。 63名电信诈骗疑犯从柬方被押解回国 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: