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Athena Chu Stephen Chow: good works on. I do not refuse to cooperate – Sohu Athena Chu, Stephen Chow has co entertainment movie "Westward Journey"   Sohu; entertainment news according to Taiwan media news reports "cloud", Hongkong actress Athena Chu in 2012 and the Hongkong Legends "Beyond" members Paul Wong married, happy marriage, but the most sensational is an affair with Stephen Chow, when she did not mention the cause of the man to love, just over 3 years, but finally heard the man cheating broke her heart declared broke, more left behind relentless never see Stephen Chow, until recently she was promoted to break the ice, said two people have chance to cooperate. Athena Chu’s 1991 film "Stephen Chow 2" fight back and wipe out the fire, she meets all the conditions of each other in a dream lover, but because the man to the public affair, 3 years after Stephen Chow came up to forbear, cheating betrayal, she determined to break up a meltdown in 1995, and refused to hear the name of Stephen Chow, the former lover’s lament Former friends become enemies with each other.. Athena Chu in an interview. "Stephen Chow had tears tell too much bother", 3 years as much weeping, by too many injuries, Stephen Chow said that for love, this love only bring pain, I decided to go on a road, but also because of this feeling, let her self-confidence completely instead, spend 2 or 3 years to repair the mood, later met her current husband Paul Wong, she moved to confession: "he is my soul mate, I have no strength and in others, really, I really found." The enmity between Stephen Chow and Athena Chu, seems to have been down, before the interview said: "for the good work, I will not refuse." Let not repel and Stephen Chow together again, but she seems to fear being misunderstood lingering affection, then added: "have to find their own soul mate, why in others much effort?"相关的主题文章: