Army Deputy Director General of the military units above the level of the discipline committee to di freyja

The Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission theater level units of collective military discipline – Shandong Channel – focused theater battle play supervision role in the eastern theater deputy political commissar and Political Work Department Director Wang Ping in the face of this new theater things, new institutions, new practice, theater discipline must recognize the status, clear positioning, identify theater battle stations, has always been the focus of supervision play a role. One is to strengthen the mission to play. From the profound learning mission to strengthen the spirit of the important speech President Xi Series in the play, the real thinking and action into the Xi and chairman of the Central Military Commission decision to strictly adhere to the comprehensive; from the urgent need to strengthen the mission play, promote strictly required to implement the mission in the theater; strengthen the theater to ensure that initially strict strict reality in play, always put the anti-corruption struggle of the responsibility on his shoulders. The two is to focus on the battle as. Good command of the party play a prominent role in the rigid constraints to ensure the smooth flow of military orders, theater and highly centralized; cohesion combined service guarantee function over play, to ensure strict discipline supervision command smoothly, to win the war; grasp the training to play the wind wind play a good supervisory role, the real war is really real preparation, training practice has become the common pursuit of value and thinking habits in the theater. Three is to improve the operational mechanism. In the construction of strong power for the implementation of specific work, ensure that the theater Commission for Discipline Inspection of the some pipes, there are people arrested; in jianzhanglizhi for implementation, establish and perfect the system of supervision mechanism; fulfil the requirements in terms of innovative approaches, exploring its characteristics and measure method with theater theater practice; in the formation o the implementation of the initiative, strengthen organization and coordination, and the formation of the party discipline, concentrating on the pipe linkage under the construction of a clean government and discipline inspection and supervision work of the new pattern of theater style. Director of the Western Theater deputy political commissar and Political Work Department – discipline inspection work must focus on the He Ping theater theater battle to carry out the effective implementation of the strict style of discipline supervision to ensure the theater functions, through the strict supervision to ensure that the theater style discipline to effectively perform functions. First, focus on special political responsibility to strengthen political supervision. The strict political discipline of political ideology and political rules, to prevent penetration, not from the strict correct political and overall handling complex problems have caused serious consequences of people and things, out of work guidance, ensure that President Xi and the Central Military Commission Decision instructions to fully and accurately implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party committee, organization system, specific military action in. Two is to focus on building a special starting point to strengthen supervision. The theater was established in political ecology to good, the key is to focus on prevention, the increment of catch, to persevere in the former, Ji Zhuazao grasping small, to maximize the prevention of discipline problems, ensure clean light theater end, to create a good environment for delving into the war on all levels. The three is to focus on the special functions of strengthening the performance supervision. On the threshold of the ability to perform their duties, strict supervision at all levels "entry permit" "certificate" points, speeding up the training tomorrow on the battlefield to understand; collaboration platform at all levels of supervision on the overall situation, for example, driven by various power factor aggregation fusion; command link in operation on combat duty, joint training, joint)相关的主题文章: