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Anhui checks 190 government website 84 new network in Anhui – spot 190 government websites 84 problems of central broadcasting network Hefei on October 25th news (reporter Liu Jun) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, the office of the Anhui provincial government recently organized the 2016 third quarter of the province’s government website checks. In a random sample of 190, found that there are problems in the site of the 84, a small number of sites there are more serious problems. In a random sample of 190, Huainan and the Tongling municipal government website checks pass rate of 100%, Bozhou, Anqing and a few sites, such as the Hefei municipal government website pass rate of less than 36%. One problem is that the content is not updated. The spot checks found substandard government websites in Huangshan City, "Huizhou district community office, Chizhou City, Chizhou industry and Commerce quality supervision network" website content not update multiple columns; "Chinese? Update Hefei Chief Cultural District" and "Huaibei city business forecast" website home page columns not when there are a large number of blank columns of Xuancheng; "Guangde County People Club bureau website"; "Hefei City Health Bureau of Anqing city" and "Qianshan Road branch" can not access the site. In addition, the following sites to stop the relocation of the county is not in place. Lu’an, Mount Huangshan and other places are not in accordance with the relevant provisions of the jurisdiction of the county government departments, towns and villages in the office of the site shut down in place, and the timely transfer of superior technical platform to open, there are still a large number of government websites below the county run. Third, part of the site’s basic information is not standardized. Fourth, some sites do not do the work of information reprint. In accordance with the requirements of the provincial government website and city county government website should be set up in the column prominently, an important policy of the State Council and the provincial government information reproduced, and reproduced in 24 hours. But spot checks found that up to now, there are still 58 sites are not required to reprint the State Council and the provincial government important policy information. At present, the general office of the Anhui provincial government has asked all levels of government to conduct comprehensive monitoring of government websites in the area. To monitor the existence of serious problems, to take effective measures to ensure the rectification in place. The problems are still not qualified after the rectification and long-term, to the relevant persons responsible for accountability and interviews, if necessary, will be in accordance with the procedures for the site shut down rectification. For county departments and township government (street offices) and no website support capability of the government website, resolutely shut permanently, and transferred to the superior government website technology platform within the prescribed time limit, set up sub station column or channel page, while doing the migration work notice.相关的主题文章: