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"And cherish" hit "love warm man Zhai Tian Lin win reputation – Sohu entertainment deep Zhai Tian Lin Zhai Tianlin handsome Liu Haikuan Sohu entertainment Xie metrosexual man law directed, written by Chen Yan," Eiko and cherish "being hit, starring Zhai Tianlin, Gao Lu and other Co. The play adapted from the popular novel, "marriage thorn", the original not only wrote the marriage of a variety of real "thorn", but also to write a marriage can create a beautiful. Different from other family drama, "the characters and setting mode and cherish" eliminating stereotype plot, facing the main contradiction of modern family life, with a new perspective of depicting the love out of the ordinary world, explore the current situation of marriage more than reality hot. The first day Lingao Lu Zhai partner twice the suffering from leukemia in the TV series "and cherish", Zhai Tianlin’s soup Yufeng two suffering from acute leukemia, played by Gao Lu Cheng Ziyue to donate bone marrow to life, after the process has been obsessed with purple moon. Two people have been orphaned and it was closely linked together, love compose a "warm spoony male". Zhai Tianlin played with Wang Yanzhi as the "Yufeng soup soup Xuelan" is no blood relationship and in the play, the 20 years that stay together morning and night, soup of Xuelan Decoction Yufeng deep feeling root, just want to become a "brother" lover, and Yufeng Soup for Tang Xuelan only Xiongmeizhiqing, two people staged a "Incest taboo". Zhai Tianlin interprets the beauty by acting reputation if the original novel "sure" is the marriage marriage thorn tingling behaved most incisive, and cherish the "" more focuses on the marriage in good amplification, marriage disaster on the road to happiness as a discipline, transfer positive and warm feelings to the audience. Zhai Tianlin explained to the world we played in the drama of Tang Yufeng’s goodness and evil, and ultimately to warm positive energy to everyone in the audience to understand, to enjoy, to shock. Beijing Film Academy graduate Zhai Tianlin belongs to professional acting, the audience has high quality and high reputation of the film and television dramas, with excellent acting skills to become a leader in the TV drama actor, who starred in the TV series have a good reputation, has become the ratings guarantee, every characters can let the audience have a sense of trust. This role extends to the trust trust from the actor itself.相关的主题文章: