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Affiliate-Revenue Affiliate marketing goal is to make money. You need not design a flamboyant website to capture visitors. Remember, ultimately you are going to send them away to someone else’s website. What you need in the first place for a good affiliate marketing campaign is a good lead capture page. Do you know what your visitors are interested in? If they are interested in how to make money by selling on eBay, you can create a page containing links to useful programs and articles based on How to be a successful seller on eBay? But before you create the affiliate marketing links on the page, stop for a moment and think about some important questions: How would you get your visitor back on your page? How would you know who has visited your page? If you are a seller in eBay, how would you contact those potential clients as well The key answer is to capture their emails before sending them off to someone else’s website. Good affiliate marketing and a good affiliate program should be like a symbiotic relationship and not parasite. Other websites flourish at the cost of yours is not what can be categorized as a good affiliate marketing program. One of the easiest ways to capture an email address is to offer something for free that interests your customers or visitors. You can start with offering a free newsletter or a free e-book. This way you can contact your visitors again and again. Another good idea to capture emails via your affiliate marketing is to offer a free course. You can also put links to your affiliates in your course. This way you double the chances of getting the click-throughs and earn more by affiliate marketing programs. If you sell your products through your website, go in for a call-for-action attitude for your affiliate marketing program. Ask your visitor to click on the link to Buy Now, Learn More, Get your Free . Now!. These call for action links would generate visitors interest to sign up for any of your free services and when they move to the sign up page with simple name and email address boxes, you can post your ad on the page and put all the affiliate marketing links on that page. This way you can prevent your webpage to be.e just a passage way to someone else’s kingdom. You can create your own niche and make money two ways. You not only make a profit by affiliate marketing program but also by selling your own products. It is a total win-win situation with affiliate marketing links as you get the email address of your visitor who safely resides in your database to be contacted again for something of similar interest. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= About the Author: 相关的主题文章: