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"A red" boot Nicky Wu Ying Er interpretation of "hot" are Hu Ge in front of Nicky Wu: I have a love for Liu Shishi, but Nicky Wu poetry entertainment news by Tencent Huace Hatton’s core cultural drama produced, according to the well-known writer canoe novel of the same name TV drama "a red" in August 28th in Shanghai starting the same day, director Song Yangxie Nicky Wu, Ying Er and other creative debut in Shanghai the Bund officially opened a "charm" feast. Nicky Wu Ying Er, the fixed angle of posters also announced on the same day, two people for the first time since the gems soon as lovers, will give the audience a legendary love fashion, as a pioneer of "Youth" era of film and television works, "a world of mortals" uphold the charm and quality of parallel, will create a new pattern of China tv. "A red" fixed angle poster was announced, Nicky Wu and Ying Er become a network of hot CP, a new combination of how to interpret the "Youth" pink sweet love, let us look forward to the full. Nicky Wu plays the hero Qi Tang, try to find the "Mousika goddess" designer, cold overbearing president, but the heart has a soft and sensitive artist. Ying Er’s anti traditional heroine Ye Zhaojue, raising his own, raising her boyfriend, adoptive mother, gifted, stubborn growth. Qi Tang and Ye Zhaojue are the ultimate pursuit of the United States, the two people in their search for their own destiny, "Mousika. In addition, Ye Zuxin’s love bar owner, keep on fighting in the defeated the road of love; Ren Yankai played lady killer, music game player, full of male hormones; Mi Lu’s "face" female lawyer, are bold and very fragile daughter Yang Yang’s humble rich family, will continue to suffer from friendship, kinship and love of suffering, these the secret and charm of the coexistence of role, is in "a world of mortals" in love to kill. This, "the chosen angle" can be seen in the film side of the well intentioned. The play opens with a legendary ruby, leading to a "Legend of time," a realistic and beautiful story of "post youth". Out of the campus of the heroine Ye Zhaojue, in order to survive directly into the cruel society, in order to youth love, she gave up her dream of compromise but not for stable love, a farewell to youth growth story so opened the curtain. There is no school, youth love those routines with the idea, no little passions cycle back and forth, "a red" interpretation of the fashion field better and more advanced business, collision jewelry industry, design and art talent and inspiration. "A grain of dust" is hard, after the fashion of youth, beautiful love. Drama culture started core drama version of "a red" project, adapted from the youth literature writers leader canoe novel "a red 1" and "a red 2", a large number of readers with her literary works to capture the unique qualities of the estimated radiation, more than 3 million people. "IP based a grain of dust" has inherent advantages, best-selling author Mo Xi to write the adaptation, also on the basis of the original highlights the fashion, emotional and interesting elements, leading the young director Song Yang joined the label, still young also works to set a good time..相关的主题文章: