A Christian Writer Narrates The Truth Keen As A Prophet-misao

Spirituality To live happily ever after isnt that the dream we cherish all our lives! How many of us live our dreams in a world of violence and incessant terrorist attacks! How about our children, our marriages, and our beliefs! What will happen to the kids picking hammers and razor blades more often than rugby balls! Dont we need a peaceful world for them to grow! We would be as good as the rats even if we win the rat races. Yet, we run for fame and finances, we run for our lives. How to sustain peace and love in such a tight and challenging situation! How can we strive to be better life partners, better parents and better professionals? How can we make our prayers more effective! A Christian writer can help us in some ways. He will remind us of the eternal words of love, faith and hope as said in Bible and scriptures. He would reiterate what Jesus meant for all humans to touch the hidden treasures in other individuals and to love the fellow men. A Christian writer has the rare vision and he knows how to soothe the souls of the restless youth of today. Making his stories and narratives symptomatic and relevant, he would connect the less complicated world of the Bible to a more complex, cosmopolitan reality. The readers can reconcile with the morals and teachings of the gospels and epistles. The writings can inspire people to unite in faith-building Christian consensus who have lost homes, friends, faith and compassion, those who are the victims of dysfunctional families. Meaningful and penetrating insights explain what Bible means to the twenty first century, keeping Christianity relevant in the face of scientific inventions and new cultural imports. With new adaptation styles Christian writings get mature with time. They do more than just evangelical teachings or rhetorical discourses. The narratives and stories inspired by the far away Biblical characters communicate with the readers with a never before ease. To bring newness and engage compelling ways in writings a Christian writer needs to cover many domains. He can adapt the story-telling technique, weaving tales, adding better and new insights to them. We read the kings, the Biblical folks, priests and prophets as interestingly remodeled as biological characters. Christian writer is creative enough to put words in their mouths that speak of contemporary crisis and dilemma. He can bring out the real persona of the heavenly Father, more like real life entities. When narrating the Genesis-to-revelation story or the awe-struck father of Christ he can get as vivid as a movie maker or an author of a bestselling novel. Its the Christian writer who reveals his true intentions as a communicator of Gods great plan and the all-pervading love for His creation. With simple advocates and messages he goes on creating word-pictures of Gods wisdom, simplifying the Biblical teachings to people who are strangers to these spiritual masterpieces. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: