A Chinese hanil pair will be arrived in Seoul on March public debut in April-97179

A Chinese hanil pair will be arrived in Seoul on March April debut [global network Roundup] according to Yonhap reported in February 18, according to an agreement between China and South Korea in 2014 summit, a pair of giant pandas in the direction of South Korea donated in March by a special plane from Sichuan to Korea, and appeared in South Korea in April. Chinese President Xi Jinping promised to give a pair of giant pandas to South Korea at the summit meeting of China and South Korea to carry out joint studies. The research work undertaken by the Chinese wild animal protection association and South Korea everland. Everland 17 in Beijing via video debuted this pair of giant pandas. Everland in December 22, 2015 -2016 year in January 3rd through the social networking site collection of giant pandas in China and South Korea in the same Chinese name, now screening. It is understood that the female panda can only be 1-3 days a year during pregnancy, so it is difficult for pandas to reproduce in large numbers. At present, there are 13 countries in the world, including the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Korea will become the fourteenth country to own pandas. In 1994, China leased a pair of giant pandas to South Korea. Since then, the Asian financial crisis broke out, and the ROK returned it to China in 1998. (internship compilation: Jiang Haiyang reviewer: Li Xiaofei) editor in chief: Chen SN225

中国赠韩一对熊猫将于3月抵首尔 4月公开亮相   【环球网综合报道】据韩联社2月18报道,据2014年中韩首脑会谈上达成协议,中方向韩方赠送的一对大熊猫将于3月乘专机从四川出发前往韩国,并于4月在韩国亮相。   中国国家主席习近平在中韩首脑会谈上承诺向韩方赠送一对大熊猫,开展共同研究。研究工作由中国野生动物保护协会和韩国爱宝乐园负责。爱宝乐园17日在北京通过视频首次公开了这对大熊猫。爱宝乐园于2015年12月22日-2016年1月3日通过中韩两国社交网站征集大熊猫的名字,现在在同中方进行筛选。   据了解,雌熊猫的可孕期一年中只有1-3天,因此熊猫难以大量繁殖。目前在全世界,美国、日本和英国等13个国家拥有熊猫,韩国将成为第14个拥有熊猫的国家。   1994年,中国曾向韩国租借一对大熊猫,此后亚洲金融危机爆发,韩方于1998年将其归还中国。(实习编译:姜海洋 审稿:李小飞) 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: