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Babies-Toddler As a parent, you want what is best for your children. Whats even more important is their safety. When you are choosing a stroller, you are going to .e across a variety of different models and styles of stroller , but which one should you choose? The BOB Revolution SE is just one of many different stroller options available through the BOB Gear .pany. What are the up sides and down sides to owning this Revolution SE stroller? Keep reading to find out. Pros With three wheels, the BOB Revolution SE is perfect for maneuvering in even the tightest of areas. It can turn on a dime with a front wheel that swivels three hundred and sixty degrees. Its got many features that were designed for .fort including a foam padded handle bar for the parent and a .fortably cushioned seat for your little one. It has the ability to recline, as well. The BOB Revolution SE has features for shock absorption. The wheels are filled with air instead of being solid rubber, so they absorb the terrain instead of transferring it into the seat of your child. It is also equipped with a suspension system for the ultimate smooth ride for your child. It is available in four different colors including orange, navy blue, plum purple and black, so you have options depending on whether you have a boy or a girl and also depending on your personal style. It has a Duallie option, which is a double seated option (side by side) for if you have twins or two children of different ages that need to go in the stroller. The design of it offers a lot of leg room to the one pushing it. You will not have to worry about accidentally kicking the wheels because the way it is designed makes that almost impossible. It is perfect for the jogger and in fact it is marketed towards those with an active lifestyle. Cons The main down side to owning a BOB Revolution SE is the price. The suggested retail value of the SE is $449, which is unfortunately a lot for most people. If you can afford it, however, the Revolution SE is a model of stroller that should fit into any active lifestyle. Accessories are sold separately, such as a cup holder for the parent and the various covers to protect your child from the elements such as cold, wind, rain and sun. In Conclusion The BOB Revolution SE is a great choice for the parents who have some extra money to spend on a stroller who are looking for something that is high in quality and features. The BOB strollers are built to last and made of a lightweight aluminum alloy that will stand up against wear and tear. It folds down quite small so that it can fit in the back of any vehicle. The wheels even .e off so that it can fold down flat for convenient storage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: