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.puters-and-Technology Within the last few years, the 419 fraud has quickly be.e one of the most prevalent forms of fraud out there. Due to widespread use of the Internet, it has since be.e far easier to .mit fraudulent activity and target thousands of people, specifically through email accounts. In order to work, this method requires the recipient to advance money to the fraudulent people under the promise of receiving a gain on their money. Even though the advance-fee scam has been operating for a few years in certain countries in Africa, additional countries have started their own scams. The victim receives an email that informs them that, for a .paratively small amount of money that’s advanced to the scammer, they will get much more in return. Despite the obvious illegality of the entire procedure, people have still participated in it and been scammed. In this fraud a person is contacted and told that the writer is entitled to a large amount of money, but a certain amount of money must be advanced for administration fees and their personal bank account number must be provided so funds can be transferred. Unfortunately, in addition to losing the advance money, at times, the victim loses money from their personal bank account. Since most 419 frauds are based in foreign countries, it increasingly more difficult to find out whether or not the source of the offer is legitimate. Use phone-track../912/217/ or other such telephone services to figure out whether or not a provided telephone number in the email can verify the information you were given. Unfortunately, for the most part you just get an email address and a name; as a result, if you ever see an offer like this, use extreme caution. 419 frauds are typically received by people without much money or the elderly. Since the offer is too good to pass up according to these people, they literally can’t resist taking this gift for what it is. However, these people just end up scammed and losing whatever money they had before, leaving them destitute. Any .munication regarding a large volume of money from a foreign country should be treated with caution. Immediate questions you should begin asking yourself are as follows: How did this person or .pany find my name and email address? What reason do they have for contacting me? Who is this person or .pany anyway? The Internet has connected the world and all of us. .municating with individuals from foreign countries is enjoyable. However, this has also allowed for scammers to target a much larger volume of people. The 419 fraud scheme frequently exploits the elderly and people who trust easily. When receiving an e-mail or other correspondence from an unknown person or persons one should always be on their guard. If it offers great benefits a warning flag should immediately be raised. A thorough investigation should be made and, if suspect, the correspondence should be turned over to the fraud division of whichever government agency is concerned. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: