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Software Each day there are more and more people who watch videos online. Home-made movies have be.e a huge part of gift-giving as they are one of the best ways to .memorate a special occasion. Up until recently, there wasnt any good software which automated the movie editing process to the point where anyone could use their photos to make great-looking videos straight from their home .puter. Today, we have movie maker programs like muvee Pixie a great piece of software which offers several unique features, provides great video quality, and is .pletely automated. It allows anyone with a .puter to create personalized videos out of photos, resulting in high-quality movies being made in a matter of minutes no skills required! The cutting-edge technology of muvee Pixie is designed to automatically edit your videos with a click of a button. It has such advanced features as face detection, incredible slide transitions, zooming in and out, and pans. When you lay over your video with music, you will also notice that the slides are synchronized to the beat of your tunes, for a very neat effect. One of the most attractive features of this software is that its netbook-friendly. If youve ever tried using regular video maker programs on the small screen of your netbook, you must know how frustrating it can be to get it to work properly. muvee Pixie, on the other hand, takes smaller .puter screens into consideration, and makes movie editing on netbooks a breeze. From a direct .parison, muvee Pixie is one of the best options for making customizable videos out of photos. If you are looking for a good movie maker program to download, give this software a shot with their free 15-day trial. When you are done with your first video, you can actually upload it straight to Facebook or YouTube. In addition, you can export your new movie to your iPod, as well as iPhone or Android devices. Your videos will look very professional, and you wont believe how little time it took you to make them! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: