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Reference-and-Education In the past few years, a number of translation service providers have taken their work online. This has been necessitated by the increasing need to address the localization aspect of translation. More and more companies are finding it suitable to reach overseas customers through online marketing methods incorporated in websites that are translated into local languages. Instead of employing a large number of people to do this job, Multinational corporations normally contract the services of translation companies for such projects. Translation Companies that operate online do not operate in a similar manner as their brick and mortar counterparts. The former makes use of an online platform to interact with their potential clients. Clients upload the job to be translated in correct format after filling in a job description form. Information capture on the form include the name of the project, expectations, language nuances, delivery format, deadline for completion and any other relevant details. The translation agency site provides immediate price quotes and delivery time estimates. Billing and payments are also completed online and the client receives an automated confirmation of the transaction via email. A corresponding email is forwarded to the Project Manager of the Translation Company with the details of the job. The manager assigns the project to one or several of the company"s translators depending on its complexity and closing date. Thrifty agencies may choose to bypass the Project Management stage of the job and skip directly from the client to the translators. Although such a system requires complex Computer Applications and quality control checks, it makes significant savings for the agency by cutting back on administrative expenses. Clients are given the option of tracking the progress of their job by logging into the agencies extranet using unique password and username. Nonetheless, most translation and interpreting services with such platforms are in their development stage. Some clients are yet to be convinced of the possibility of having translations and interpretations done completely free of human contact. Another major challenge facing online translation services is technology. The ability to perform bulk, high quality online translation work without any hitches requires substantial investment in technology. Besides, you must also have sufficient skilled manpower to handle the jobs. This may include teams located in strategic parts of the globe with knowledge of native dialects as well as software handling. A number of translation agencies are attempting to take their services online with a view to cutting out middlemen and maximizing on profits. The concept can be workable and profitable if few companies manage to utilize it fully. Nonetheless, there are many challenges to be overcome for online translation work to become fully successful and commercialized. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: