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Emporio Armani: Designer Fashion And Accurate Timekeeping Function By: Cross | Feb 11th 2008 – Emporio Armani: Designer Fashion and Accurate Timekeeping Function Tags: Designer Handbag Rant By: Monique Evertse | Jan 28th 2008 – When you see a designer handbag, do you only like it because of the designer name? If you saw it on another women’s shoulder without the designer logo visible would you still like it? For a lot of people (even though they won’t admit it) the answer is no! Tags: Designer Baby Clothes Vs Organic Clothes By: Frank12 | Dec 12th 2007 – It is your decision to purchase Designer Baby Clothes or Organic Clothes because both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Tags: The Beauty Of The Handmade Designer Handbag By: Monique Evertse | Dec 6th 2007 – As Designer handbags continue to serve both as fashion and function, there will always be the latest bag which exceeds thousands of dollars with an army of bag lovers ready to admire. Most seem to sway towards the actual handmade designer handbag. Tags: Buyers Guide To Purchasing Designer Watches This Christmas By: Cross | Dec 3rd 2007 – Designer watches will be available to you with the touch of a button through the Internet saving your endless trailing from shop to shop searching for the same. Tags: Enhance Your Personality By Buying Designer T-shirts By: Catherine Matthew | Nov 25th 2007 – Designer T-shirts, the latest fad. Read on to find out, what gets young and old alike, excited about this piece of fabric. Tags: Designer Perfume Has A New Trend By: Madison Greene | Nov 20th 2007 – Cosmetic .panies used to be responsible for the designer perfumes that lined counters in department stores. Now, the new trend in Hollywood is not to endorse designer perfumes, but rather create their own line of perfume. Tags: How To Find Discount Designer Perfume By: Madison Greene | Nov 15th 2007 – Luckily for you there are ways to find discount designer perfume. Tags: Wholesale Designer Clothing: What You Need To Know By: Howard Brule. | Nov 3rd 2007 – Lots of people desire designer clothing but just can’t afford it. However, by checking out resale stores and tag sales, a few do manage to find lightly used designer gear at a ridiculously low price. There are however, better ways to find wholesale designer clothing and it could even make you some cash! Tags: How To Purchase Designer Sunglasses By: Elena Potoupa | Nov 2nd 2007 – If you want to avail of these designer sunglasses with lower prices, you can check for online discount coupons. There are sites that offer different types of coupons which you can use to purchase the designer sunglasses that you wish for. Tags: Designer Leather Bag You’ve Always Desired! By: Lavinia Montescue | Sep 18th 2007 – A designer leather bag belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. Sure designer bags are expensive but before you decide it’s not for you there are some thing you should consider about why your wardrobe deserves a designer leather bag. Tags: Designer Clothing Is About Making A Statement By: Nigel M | Aug 29th 2007 – Everyone wants to be liked and popular within their group of friends and colleagues. Have you ever noticed that the most popular people wear designer clothes and always look smart in their outer appearance. People naturally want to improve their standing within the .munity and looking fashionable shows others that you ca … Tags: Designer Clothing Makes You Look And Feel Confident By: Nigel M | Aug 23rd 2007 – Designer clothing is the icon of fashion. Designer clothing is desirable for so many people and the higher price of many items set the clothes apart from the crowd creating an air of exclusivity. Designer clothes have exclusive styles and patterns and are made with high quality materials and master craftsmanship which giv … Tags: Selecting Designer Bags By: James Brown | Jun 14th 2007 – You want the perfect designer handbag, but you don’t know how to go about it. Finding a top quality designer handbag can be a difficult and frustrating experience. You want a bag that is both stylish and that will suit all your life style needs. Selecting the name brand, color and style is always a challenge when there’s pl … Tags: Designer Handbags Never-ever Classic Accessories By: Peter James | May 28th 2007 – It is a golden rule that any outfit is just not .plete without the proper attire to go with it, meaning stylish handbags and shoes. We live a modern society where fashion rules and fashion designers have set up pretty high standards. By using the Internet, women have a much easier access to the wonderful world of designer … Tags: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Designer Dog Bed By: Ethan Edison | May 1st 2007 – As a pet owner, you want your loyal .panion to have nothing but the best. You buy the best food, dress her in all the right designer clothes and you get her top of the line designer collars. A designer dog bed is one way that you can pamper your pet. Here are some .pelling reasons to get a designer dog bed. < … Tags: Something About Designer Jewelry By: Richard Hedley | Mar 12th 2007 – Designer jewelry is real expensive to buy. Each gemstone has a different story to speak. Tags: Why Italian Designer Shoes By: Low Jeremy | Feb 26th 2007 – When people are rich, price is no object. A certain mentality is in the air which is to shop till you drop�"’ or until the card has reached its limit. Most of the consumers in the market are women. These people don’t just buy items made off the street or from China but prefer to get branded items such as … Tags: Designer Shoes For Kids By: Low Jeremy | Feb 20th 2007 – Every parent wants the best for the kids. This starts even before the baby .es out from the accessories that will be used to type of clothing used indoors and outdoors. When he or she reaches the toddler years, some have already started introducing kids to the world of fashion and designer shoes are on the list. … Tags: Getting Designer Shoes For Less By: Low Jeremy | Feb 18th 2007 – It is not only those who are filthy rich that can afford a pair of designer shoes. This is because someone who is not $70 a day w who works hard and is able to save up can easily buy a pair in less than 3 months. This may take a few months but the hard work pays off. Some consider this as a reward and will d … Tags: Discounted Designer Shoes – Where To Find Them By: Low Jeremy | Feb 11th 2007 – Every year, fashion designers .e with various things depending on the season. The planning and production of these items happens all year round so people right now are .ing up with the spring and summer collection for 2007. One of the items that doesn’t change much are designer shoes. Maybe because it is … Tags: The Art Of Buying Discounted Designer Shoes By: Low Jeremy | Feb 8th 2007 – Most�"’"��if not all�"’"��women are dreaming to own a pair or two of any elegant designer shoes. Sadly, the prices of these most-coveted shoes are not friendly to the budget of those who would want to get a dose of wearing designer shoes. If you are one of those women who are dreaming to slip into a pair … Tags: Guide To Buying Famous Designer Shoes By: Low Jeremy | Feb 8th 2007 – Designer shoes. Upon hearing those two words, many cringe and immediate think of the buckets of money that will be shelled out in a couple of minutes. True enough, designer shoes can be really expensive especially when you are talking about such famous shoes designer labels such as Prada, Blahnik and Ferragamo. Tags: designer shoes, designer shoes tips, guide designer shoes Borders On The Absurd – Designer Shoes By: Low Jeremy | Feb 4th 2007 – Certainly a class on its own, an embodiment of style and fashion, and terribly expensive. These are probably the most appropriate phrases to use when describing those expensive designer shoes that, every so often, .e out of the fashion world. Women, generally, seem to be more attracted to shoes and are more … Tags: Italian Designer Jewelry By: Ivan Liu | Feb 1st 2007 – Vivace Jewelry is an inventory of modern designer jewelry. Right from the trendy jewelries to the traditional ones; it is an Italian designer who can best mold the metals which is the working women prefer the most of the Italian designer jewelries for regular use are being created on these types of imitation or easily avail … Tags: Designer Earrings Blended With Uniqueness By: Ivan Liu | Feb 1st 2007 – Vivace jewelry is a .plete collection of all kinds of earrings, it .prises of an essential part of your grooming and hence to look stunning you need to fetch some of the versatile designs of the designer jewelries. With us; you can always enjoy the latest trends in the world of Fashion. Tags: Description & List Of Popular Designer Dog Breeds By: Kelly Marshall | Jan 31st 2007 – If you have been following the latest trends and changes in dog breeding you may have .e across the term designer dogs�"’. These are, in fact, simply mixed breeds that are crossed to produce a specific physical appearance, usually easily identified as a cross between the two breeds. The breeders attempt to include onl … Tags: Designer Bedroom By: Amanda Somers | Jan 10th 2007 – Spacify offers designer beds & modern bedroom dressers to create panache in your bedroom. Choose from contemporary leather beds, armoires, & night tables to create modern designer decor. Tags: Choosing Designer Sunglasses That Still Protect You By: Jona | Jan 1st 2007 – You have a wide variety of sunglasses to choose from, but make sure that you consider the health aspects for UV protection as well as the fashion aspect. You don’t have to sacrifice the health benefits in order to get truly attractive designer sunglasses. Tags: Women! How To Use Designer Scarves In The Business World By: RC Rougeux | Dec 6th 2006 – Look sexy and at the same time…business like. Is that possible? With designer scarves you make can one outfit into many just with the addition of a few designer scarves. Result? They’ll have you looking fantastic and business like…all at the same time! Tags: Hiring A Web Designer: The Questions To Ask So You Aren’t Ripped Off! By: Nick Smith | Oct 29th 2006 – Hiring a web designer can be a potential minefield. This article reveals what you need to look for, the questions you need to ask and what to avoid to ensure you aren’t ripped off … Tags: Designer Scarves, Big Sunglasses & A Head Wrap By: RC Rougeux | Oct 20th 2006 – Give yourself the Jackie O’look this winter and into spring. But, you’ll need a beautiful designer scarf, a pair of sunglasses and a head wrap to do it. Tags: Splurge On Yourself With Designer Scarves By: RC Rougeux | Oct 3rd 2006 – Getting yourself to look great has never been easier! Purchase a few designer scarves and you’ll be ready to conquer the world. Tags: Designer Scarves At A Religious Ceremony? By: RC Rougeux | Sep 30th 2006 – Designer look-a-like scarves can really add fashion and glamour to your wardrobe at great prices. Tags: Womens Designer Shoes: For The Woman Who Won’t Settle For Less By: Trevor Mulholland | Sep 4th 2006 – When a woman goes straight to the womens designer shoes section of the mall, you know you’ve got a connoisseur on your hands. Tags: Do You Know The Finer Points Of Selecting Designer Perfume? By: Bill Urell | Aug 27th 2006 – It’s unbelievable how many different types of designer perfume available. Discover the truth about choosing wisely. Tags: Make A Fashion Statement With Designer Shoes By: Ryan Bombard | Jul 8th 2006 – Shoes to feet what clothes are to the body? Shoes protect the feet and make it .fortable for us to walk on all grounds. Nowadays, they have taken on a different dimension that was not present in the olden times. The role is that of making a fashion statement. Custom-made designer shoes that match with the outfit you are w … Tags: How To Choose And Care For Designer Luggage By: Gray Rollins | Mar 24th 2006 – Getting ready to travel can be so stressful that it is hard to get everything together. It is even worse when you realize that, on top of everything else, your luggage is in no shape to make it through another trip. Since you have to spend time shopping for luggage, you may want to look for some well made designer luggage s … Tags: 相关的主题文章: