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Reference-and-Education Learn English Thailand is how you might see the slogan learn English in Thailand as the educational system struggles to understand that the only way to learn a language is with a native speaker from England and not a Filipino or a Thai. Education in Thailand is provided mainly by the Thai government through the Ministry of Education from pre-school to senior high school. A free basic education of twelve years is guaranteed by the constitution, and a minimum of nine years’ school attendance is mandatory. Formal education consists of at least twelve years of basic education, and higher education. Basic education is divided into six years of primary education and six years of secondary education, the latter being further divided into three years of lower- and upper-secondary levels. Kindergarten levels of pre-primary education, also part of the basic education level, span 23 years depending on the locale, and are variably provided. Non-formal education is also supported by the state. Independent schools contribute significantly to the general education infrastructure. For an Englishman who wishes to make Thailand his new home, Teaching English can provide the opportunity to work. Its not enough to be English to teacher the language you would need to have a good education yourself and then some training in basic teaching techniques. A TEFL course Thailand is a great way of not only learning how to teach but to learn a little about Thai culture. Once you have been on your TEFL course Thailand there are so many choices. Thailand is awash with educational centers other than regular government schools, there hundreds if not thousands of language schools, international schools and universities. Learn English Thailand is part of the educational program at all schools and Mondays are when everyone should only speak English in Government schools. Thai visa or Thailand visa requirements can make it very difficult to get a job teaching English in Thailand. To work legally you need a non B visa and a work permit which is issued by the Department of Labour. Strictly speaking you shouldnt start work until both your non B visa and work permit are issued but this can take weeks if not months sometimes. The school or employer is responsible for the issuing of the document to ensure you get your non B and work permit. On the work permit will be the name of your employer and the address or location where you can work teaching English. Having a work permit gives you easy access to opening a bank account getting a Thai driving license and it means you dont need to do any more visa runs every 90 days. Think very carefully if you dont have a work permit as you will have no legal rights and if things go wrong as they can with fault of your own you find yourself being deported with no way back. Whatever you do dont get involved with students. For any clean cut English teachers will be the centre of attention with many of the ladies, getting involved puts your job a risk. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: