A Wizards Tale For Fantasy Lovers-音羽かなで

Book-Marketing If you are a fantasy book buff then you should definitely read A wizards tale. This book is a part of the trilogy series based on the Old star wars. All said and done, the old star wars is the most magnificent and imaginative fantasy saga that was ever told on film and the books based on this series do not disappoint either. They tell the story with a lot of flair and indeed reading these books will add a new dimension to the story that you are so familiar with. There are many books based on the old and new star wars series, but all of them are not official star wars books. This means that they have not been declared official by Lucas the maker of star wars. Hence you should be careful in buying them from any source. The best part about the star wars series is that it is the same old story of the struggle between good and evil and the ultimate victory of good over evil. However, the imagination that the creator has poured into the creation of the characters, the plot and the set up is amazing. These books elaborate this creativity and add a lot of description and lucidity that is just not possible in a movie. Only in a book can the author actually describe the thoughts and feelings of the characters while in a movie they have to be gauged from the expressions of the actors. There are many such limitations in a movie that are done away with in a book. Also a book allows the reader to use his or her imagination in adding to the descriptions given, while in a movie these things are rigidly chalked out on screen. They leave no room for the audience to add to or subtract from what is being portrayed, while with a book they have this freedom. This is the reason why many people still prefer reading books to watching movies based on the same story. It is often observed that a book be.es popular and is then converted into a movie. However, with A wizards tale and the other two books of the trilogy series the opposite is true. These books were written after the success of the star wars series. This is the reason that the expectation of the readers from these books was even greater. However, it can safely be said that these books have met those expectations and in fact exceeded them. This is the reason why these books have be.e very popular and many people buy these fantasy books online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: