Shenzhen Sai Li 喆 not enemy qualifier regret stop men’s singles first round (video)-soojin

Shenzhen Sai Li Zhe lost qualifier regret stop Zhang Shuai win the men’s singles first round match Wuhan golden Derby Peng Shuai reversed the second round of the battle tower hole (this has nothing to do with the original video content, for further reading) Li Zhe (data plan) sports Tencent ATP250 race in September 26th Shenzhen open today to start the first round of the men’s singles competition, the wildcard China’s Li Zhe poor play, eventually lost the two set, with 2-6 and 3-6 defeat to Germany qualifier Zvi Lev, unfortunately missed the second round. Li Zhe is a single and a doubles player, usually the number for the tour is not much, the current world ranking of 233rd, the wild card game he played, first round opponent is currently ranked 120th in the world of the German qualifier – the latter is Mischa Zverev, super star Alexander recently in the limelight – this is Zverev’s brother, two people each other for the first time occupation career. Today’s first game, first serve Li Zhe, two players start to fight fierce, 4 innings before the two sides issued their own security 2-2 draw, Zvi Lev in the fifth inning to complete the first break and followed to keep his serve to obtain bureau leading 4-2, Li Zhe was unable to reverse the situation, Zvi Lev in the seventh inning to complete the break and tight again follow to keep his serve dish innings to win the first set 6-2. The second game, Li Zhe has been trying to bite the score in the first stage, the 4 sides issued their own security 2-2 draw, Zvi Lev in the fifth inning to complete the first break and followed to keep his serve to obtain bureau leading 4-2. Then the two players issued their own security 1 Bureau rewriting is 5-3, Zvi Lev in the ninth inning, Li Zhefei insurance can not serve again to complete the break, in order to clinch a 6-3 disc, a total score of 2 to 0 Li Zhe barrier in the second round of the threshold. The game takes 1 hours and 15 minutes. Zvi Lev game issued 8 ACE ball, and Li Zhe could not get a break point chance. In another competition, the tournament No. 7 seed, Italy champion Fogler Jhnny against currently ranked sixty-ninth in the world of Israel’s D- Serra, the two players had 1 times against Fogler Jhnny in the 2012 tournament in Chennai India swallow eggs opponents. Today’s first game, two players start to serve the feel is not very good, scoring rate is only about 60%, ferger Paganini two lost serve, but his 4 break points, completed the 3 break, the final 6-4 to win the first disc. The second game, Fogler Jhnny gradually took control of the situation, he in the 80% rate in the disc of the scoring rate and two points on his serve in only 3 points lost, did not let the opponent get a break point, while the 7 break point 3 breaking success, especially in the seventh non rival key break insurance can not serve in, help him directly to clinch a 6-1, so the total score more than 0 beat 2 competitors advancing to the second round. The game takes 1 hours and 17 minutes. (Li Tianyou)相关的主题文章: