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Russia warned the United States: do not air raid Syrian army missile can not long eye – Sohu military channel data figure: Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor – Kona Schenker J. Text with map: S-400 missile system deployed in Syria of Lattakia Province, a Russian military base. Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October 7th new media news: Russian military official 6, warned the United States, don’t try to launch air strikes against government forces in Syria, or in Syria in Russian missiles. Media reports last week, the United States is being discussed to strengthen the support of the armed opposition in Syria, and even the use of U.S. air strikes against a Syria air force base. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Kona Schenker J warned the United States in a statement, "to think twice". "I would like to suggest that colleagues in Washington should be aware of the consequences of such a plan. Government forces in Syria have efficient now (Russian) S – 200 air defense missile system, and "beech air defense missile defense system" and other technology, their state has been restored in the past year." Kona Schenker J also reminded the United States, Russia’s two military bases in Syria were deployed more advanced S – and S – 400 air defense missiles, if threatened by air strikes, will be returned. The US led multinational force in September 17th "misbombing" the Syrian government camp and caused hundreds of military casualties of the incident as an example, Kona Tymoshenko "hotheaded man’s warning", "Russia has taken all measures to prevent similar" mistakes "in Russian military facilities in Syria and repeat". Must be aware that the Russian air defense combat troops have no time to distinguish…… The exact trajectory of incoming missiles and the identity of their aircraft, "he said. Russian air defense missile range will allow any unidentified flying objects surprise". Russia and the United States in September 10th to implement a new ceasefire agreement on the parties to the conflict in Syria to reach a consensus, 12 cease fire agreement. The two party of Russia and the United States agreed, if the new ceasefire agreement can be maintained for 7 days, the United States and Russia will strengthen military cooperation in Syria, including the formulation of the strategy to fight against terrorist forces in syria. However, the Multinational Force fighters in September 17th "misbombing" a Syrian army, killing more than 60 people, hundreds of people were injured. 19, a branch of the United Nations and Syria Red Crescent joint humanitarian convoys near Aleppo in the attack, about 20 people died. The United States and Syria armed opposition to blame on Russia and the Syrian government, the latter two strongly denied. After the expiration of the ceasefire, Aleppo renewed fighting and a serious escalation, the Syrian army launched a fierce offensive, Russia on how to ease the situation of fierce quarrel, serious confrontation.相关的主题文章: