Zhejiang kite fan art into the Australian Campus-海思k3v2

Zhejiang kite fan art into the Australian Campus – a new student and fan art teacher Ding Guofu photo. Lin Dan photo Beijing, October 14 Sydney Xinhua (reporter Lai Hailong) "before the breeze" — fan kite exhibition, from Zhejiang’s three folk artists in Sydney on 14 China Cultural Center for more than 40 students and teachers were brought Chinese school for girls and the traditional fan making kites and display. In the process of teaching, Ding Guofu, Yu Beihong and Jin Yueqiang three teachers to teach skills in Translation Center staff and help, students have to follow the instructions and to experience the production process. In under the guidance of teachers, the students are trying to use China brush, paint painting fan drawing, and eventually completed their own fan works. One student said, "I must show my family and friends." Students in fan art rendering site. Lin Dan photo into the campus activities by the local teachers and students in Australia warmly welcomed and widely involved. The students in the process of drawing a kite and fan to realize the strong sense of achievement. A local student said: "I love China in school culture, and a minor in Chinese, this experience is very vivid, let us learn a lot of knowledge outside the books." The school has a long and women’s fertility histories. This time into the campus activities will also be held at Loreto girls in October 19th, then three teachers will Chinese traditional handicraft production to show more young students in australia.相关的主题文章: