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Brazil woman lying in the coffin to the funeral was held for the word original title: Brazil woman held a living funeral lying in the coffin to a picture: Funeral eulogy. In November 7, according to foreign media reports, a woman in Brazil many years ago to do a funeral for himself, recently she finally realize the dream, invite all friends to attend the meeting, he was lying in the coffin, listen to their tribute to complete his funeral. According to reports, the 44 year old Vera is the love of a funeral, when there will be time to observe, the fantasy of a date of their host a. After hard lobbying, funeral home owners finally agreed to her request. Vera said: "everyone, my father, mother, sister, brother and friend, when they will be surprised to see my mouth, but they respect my wishes, I have my own funeral, this is the best day of my life." Vera said, she asked the funeral arrangement to lace the coffin, please they carried the coffin as she walk for a few minutes, take her to bury. Vera said, although before the funeral, but to see friends and relatives to cry, she was very moved. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: