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People’s daily voice: to stimulate the endogenous dynamics of   "a" revitalization of new road – View – Song Xibin focuses on the weaknesses and raise, Yangchangbuduan grams short for innovation and breakthrough, efforts to break the structural contradictions and institutional defects, to further strengthen regional cooperation, boost Harbin to accelerate the rise in recent years, the general secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly to the Northeast study guide, fully reflects the care and expectations of the northeast. Especially this year, the general secretary of the national NPC and CPPCC during the deliberations of the Heilongjiang delegation and the important speech delivered by the investigation in Heilongjiang, on the revitalization of the theme of development, adhere to resource development and put forward to the development of deep processing, extend to the industries and upgrading of products to develop, to the industrialization of high-tech achievements to the development. To introduce foreign strategic investors to develop, to select and use various talents to develop. These requirements on precision, to provide scientific guidance and action guide for a new round of Northeast China, greatly enhanced the Harbin cadres and masses of general business confidence and determination. In the new economic norm under the background of face gear shift and structural adjustment, energy conversion of contradictions and challenges, to achieve the overall revitalization of the historic mission, must be based on the spirit of the speech as a guide, focus on our weaknesses, G is short, Yangchangbuduan for innovation and breakthroughs, and strive to break the structural contradictions the institutional defects, to further strengthen regional cooperation, boost Harbin to accelerate the rise of the revitalization and development of the road to get out of a higher quality, better efficiency, better structure and kinetic energy release in full. To promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, to lay the foundation for a comprehensive economic revitalization. To upgrade the "time-honored", the depth of the development of "original name", fostering the growth of the new name "three articles, mainly in the high-end equipment manufacturing, high-quality green food, modern service industry, big data, cloud computing, Harbin has a competitive advantage in the field of concentrated force, accelerate the gas turbine, 3D printing, new energy bus, sapphire, graphene and other industrial projects, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system. Efforts to enhance regional agricultural competitiveness, and further accelerate the pace of modern agricultural construction. Harbin as the country’s first major grain producing city, should make full use of agricultural resources, agricultural products quality, enriched food deep processing ability and potential comparative advantage, focus on increasing productivity, efficiency, ecological protection, precise poverty alleviation work, the implementation of a number of projects in the vegetable oil, dairy products, meat products, promote the traditional food industry to green, organic, high value-added transformation, by jointly build the agricultural products processing industry cluster, promoting agricultural production and farmers’ income, to create a new situation in the development of wealthy and strong city. To deepen the reform of key areas, sustained excellence in the environment of economic development. Accelerate the establishment of institutional mechanisms with market docking, vital, sustained force in the reform of state-owned enterprises, the reform of government and market reform, through the implementation of state-owned enterprises to revitalize the idle resources to introduce strategic investors and promote cooperation with the central enterprises, deepen reform and open up "big room" decentralization "last mile", to explore the negative list of investment access excited,)相关的主题文章: