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Andouble Wang Yi shook hands on with vigorous strides towards the East China Sea to reach a consensus on the Military Channel – Sohu as Abe Shinzo 24 collective meeting the foreign ministers’ meeting of the China foreign minister Wang Yi, Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio and South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi, this is Andouble to Wang Yi. Meet is better than bad, "Sade" in Korea and the Diaoyu Islands issue under the background of the eighth trilateral meeting of foreign ministers was held in Japan in Tokyo, met North Korean launch submarine launched ballistic missile "spoiler" in the three party talks and bilateral talks, to conceal the security dilemma in Northeast asia. According to the Ministry of foreign affairs website, Chinese afternoon of August 24th, foreign minister Wang Yi met with Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio after attending the meeting of foreign ministers of Japan and South korea. Wang Yi said after the meeting, Japan is expected to start as soon as the air emergency liaison mechanism to both countries. He also revealed that China has invited Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to attend the Hangzhou summit of the group of 20. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed that although prior "Japan" instead of "Japan" facts, but bilateral meeting arrangement is inevitable, according to media reports, Wang Yi and Kishida meeting time close to 1 hours. The Ministry of foreign affairs website, Wang Yi talks with Kishida Fumio said, the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea on the trilateral cooperation review and planning, reaffirmed the "face up to history and facing the future", highlighting the mutually beneficial cooperation in tone, China is affirmative. Wang Yi said that the smooth development of cooperation between the three countries can not do without a good bilateral relations. The current Sino Japanese relations are still facing difficulties, is at an important juncture, both opportunities and challenges are also riding a boat behind. China is willing to work with the Japanese side, adhere to the four political documents between the two countries, consolidate the political foundation of bilateral relations; the implementation of the four principles of consensus, manage existing differences; carry out exchanges in various fields, to maintain momentum to improve relations with mutual support; in the group of twenty summit in Hangzhou and other multilateral forums, expand common interests. On this basis, to meet the next year after the normalization of Sino Japanese relations and the 45 anniversary of the "Sino Japanese Treaty of peace and friendship treaty" 40 anniversary. Wang Yi said that the group of twenty (G20) summit will be held in Hangzhou, China, Japan is an important member of the group of twenty, welcome Prime Minister Andouble to attend the Hangzhou summit. The success of the Hangzhou summit meets the common interests of all parties, including China and japan. Kishida Fumio said that under the cooperation of China, Japan and South Korea will just end the three foreign ministers will be fruitful. The Hangzhou summit of the group of twenty is a very important meeting, the Japanese side sincerely wish the meeting a success, and is willing to strengthen cooperation with china. On the current Sino Japanese relations, control differences and promote cooperation in two areas are necessary. Japan is ready to implement the four principles of consensus, strengthen cooperation in finance, energy saving and environmental protection, disaster prevention, aging economy and tourism in five major areas of cooperation, promoting youth exchanges, to carry out counter-terrorism cooperation and control differences, expand the positive aspects of bilateral relations, China Japan relations back to the track, to explore the establishment of a suitable relationship between the characteristics of the new era japan. Both sides exchanged views on the issue of the East China Sea, agreed to strengthen dialogue, preparing to convene a high-level consultations on maritime affairs and as soon as possible to start air liaison mechanism to the east.相关的主题文章: