Don’t eat 咘 咘 vinegar, because Alyssa Chia did it (video)

Indus sister do not eat does not does not vinegar, because Alyssa Chia did it Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported in September 28th last year, Alyssa Chia to marry 8 year old Shiou, in August of the same year gave birth to her daughter does not does not, the couple does not hesitate to share kind of adorable eyes in the face of the book does not, plus the mother and daughter with the mainland. Reality show "mother is Superman", only 1 years old does not does not popular in contrast, Alyssa Chia, the 11 year old daughter Sun Zhihao and Indus sister, because of the divorce agreement provisions can not be exposed, thunder were all sister robbed. But in fact, Alyssa Chia’s 2 daughters are very fond of the day before yesterday afternoon, the media to take her to pick up the Indus sister, typhoon three women at home to celebrate the mother warm time. September 26th at 4:30 in the afternoon, the media watch Alyssa Chia at the end of the endorsement of the shampoo brand promotion activities, put on light clothing out of the VIP lounge, I saw she was wearing shorts revealing a pair of sexy legs, see more than 10 fans waiting outside, she is embarrassed to watch than walking and said "feel shy hurry". Alyssa Chia was waiting for the elevator when fans still have a glimmer of hope insisted with her photo, signature, but she even said the two "feel shy hurry", then take the elevator to the underground parking lot on the train to leave. Driver Alyssa Chia quite quickly to att near midway through the first in the South Gate on the Eslite staff out of the car, then parked on the roadside near the red line, not long after crossing the Indus sister in volunteer escort escort, to meet the pick-up location, saw the Indus sister cooked door around to open the door on the car, then together with Alyssa Chia a ride home. In fact, Indus sister had not eaten sister vinegar, often go home with does not does not for Alyssa Chia had been attacked, "does not love does not love, Indus sister, she cared much about the Indus sister’s feelings, as long as she’s in Taipei almost every day shuttle on the Indus sister school, if there is work, will to send their daughters to school again rushed to the sofa started to attend the activities to row 4 in the afternoon, then to pick up my daughter from school, go home for dinner, spend 2 and 3 hours with Indus sister homework, until her daughter fell asleep. Alyssa Chia and Sun Zhihao divorced in 2010, joint custody daughter Indus sister, now two people find happiness in spring second, she and Shiou married last year, in August of the same year with the crystallization of love does not Sun Zhihao is September does not; and exchanges this year more than 4 years of forest Joia married in Guam, 2 people to find their new happiness. Don’t eat & #21656; & #21656; vinegar because Alyssa Chia did this thing相关的主题文章: