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"The publication and dissemination of results of the" think tank Forum: Humanities and social sciences research achievements transformation is a big trend of the on 26 August, sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Social Science Forum International Cooperation Agency, China Academy of Social Sciences Chinese Social Sciences Publishing House hosted the publication and dissemination of think tank? "The results of the forum held on 25. Zhang Jiang, vice president of the Academy of Social Sciences China attended and titled "keynote speech to strengthen international exchanges and promote cooperation for global publishing.". China Social Science Press director and editor Zhao Jianying speech. Zhang Jiang believes that the dialogue and exchanges between domestic and international think-tank, to promote mutual understanding between nations and to carry out effective cooperation on the basis of understanding, and think tanks play a role of bridge make effective cooperation in global governance and internal affairs in foreign policy, has important significance. At the same time, how to establish an orderly, efficient and pragmatic system, multi-level academic exchange platform and achievements channels is an important standard to promote Chinese characteristics of the new think tank construction, is also a key factor for restricting the level of construction. He called on the China Social Sciences Press Book Series think-tank to further improve the assessment mechanism, strict quality control, the introduction of more think tank boutique, the brand into China’s think tank released the results of publication and dissemination of the Highlands, highlighting the China Academy of social sciences as the authoritative position of world renowned think tank, and write a new chapter for the national service new think tank in the process of construction. Zhao Jianying said, "think tank withlong thought, think tank communication results", advocating a high iron, a plane, a think tank report corresponds to the readers reading habits of fine fast-paced. At the same time, the academic argument and a large amount of data information in the form of "the depth of communication, and various types of media especially new media" breadth of communication "by experts recognized each other, think tank and media, readers. He pointed out that the open platform, has been the national decision-making into think tank becomes a part of China policy making system under the background of the times, the fundamental research results of Humanities and social sciences of reality is a creative thinking. In the results of the publication and dissemination of intelligence "," think tank research cooperation and exchange "and" think tank research international influence "," the new think tank construction and application of the results of the four group discussions on research China City Academy of social development and Environment Bureau of international cooperation Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wang Lei, Pan Jiahua, director of the Institute Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Asia Pacific and Global Strategy Research Institute deputy director Wang, deputy director of bureau of Chinese Linggui Scientific Research Academy of Social Sciences Zhang Guochun were presided over. (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: