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"I love you". If the president handed drinking was playing bad Sina entertainment news by Hairun film [micro-blog], [micro-blog] studio CO produced Ming Ming, Hu Bing building, [micro-blog], Li Qin [micro-blog], starring romantic idol drama "I love you" will be held on October 16th at the CCTV eighth a TV channel broadcast a afternoon, Italy style, romantic love and gorgeous revenge fusion of romantic love show will be staged. Ming as a Wine world’s most legendary talented winemaker Adam Bell in the play, overbearing President Fan Shizu. Ming drink down foreign men Erguotou victory Western Wine TV drama "I love you" Chateau brother tells Ming, Hu Bing two people in career, love, family and emotional entanglements between the story. The play had to broadcast Hunan satellite TV, because it is a very high ratings in the first round of broadcast drama, so many friends learned that the show will be broadcast on CCTV news after the drama of the classic plot, a Taoist foreigners drink lines became popular on the Internet, Ming lines in the play: "Chinese wine to use the China way to drink, or accidentally, it will be like a mad dragon, will hurt you. Lotus refers to, because the wine is better than the flowers, so holding a cup, such as twist flowers, cups full of courtesy, do not overflow for respect." The lines attracted a large number of users to imitate, and netizens said: "I only take the role of overbearing President!" If "I love you" hit two degrees Ming perfect interpretation of a good man in "I love you", there is a relationship between the Ming The imprint is engraved on my heart. as Adam Baer and Li Qin’s peace. But Adam was the most love peace as is the fate of the representative, however, played by Adam Baer on the peace road of love is 10000 years unswervingly. In the face of love, a hundred years of cultivation of Wang Xiaojian, Millennium repair Li Daren, but Saturn Adam for peace love but it is 10000 years. The road of love so firm, has many fans sister. The characters of the special sentiment, plus Ming Yan and acting, so many users have said that looking forward to the drama broadcast again. In addition to "outside if I love you" to star, Ming drama "we love it" will be landing in Hunan TV satellite broadcast. Ming as starring will follow the crew to debut tonight the Golden Eagle Festival opening ceremony, the new launch date will open in the Golden Eagle Festival, is looking forward to.相关的主题文章: