A NBA player to buy into the gaming field lofty ideals and high aspirations.-naughty怎么读

A NBA player to buy into the gaming field of the NBA clan lofty ideals and high aspirations of Boston Celtic striker Jonas · Jay Rebko in August 31st announced the purchase to enter the e-sports team. Jay Rebko purchased the famous Han blowing Montecristo Renegades franchise franchise, including CSGO segment and its members, there is no publicly traded amount. Jay Rebko said he had intended to enter the field of E-sports before the beginning of 2017, but due to the dissolution of the Renegades team itself is facing problems, so he seized the opportunity. In addition, Jay Rebko also signed the call of duty Zero clan, also known as the dream team, are now attributed to the Renegades clan. Jay Rebko said that his aim is to establish a complete team, therefore the reorganization of the Renegades team will include the League of legends, pioneer and halo watch segment. Renegades team in the 2016 Summer League Division game alleged joint operation was forced to sell League, the off-season trades to Envyus team. As for why to enter the field of e-sports, Jay Rebko said he is aware of E-sports have become a very crazy new force, he hopes to help the e-sports become a real sport, Jay Rebko is not the first foray into the electronic athletics NBA player, in December last year when Rick · Fawkes bought a LCS League. Earlier this year, O’neal also bought a NRG team. There are members of the Renegades team and specific information will be disclosed in subsequent messages. (178)相关的主题文章: