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Behind the dairy case 3 suspense exposing expired shelf life of new network is how to calculate the regulatory gaps – recently, the Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration informed the case again with expired milk dairy stirred the fragile nerves. Shanghai Jia outside international trade Co. Ltd., the former general manager Liu took advantage of his position to be 276 tons of expired Fonterra "baked dairy products sold to other companies, 166.8 tons of which has been to dealers, bakery and other channels. The case was disclosed, new hope’s investment platform for grassroots Jhihben, Fonterra dairy brand is pushed in the teeth of the storm. The view was challenged this grassroots and shareholder I just useful oversight responsibility, while Fonterra since 2008 has been in the Chinese involved 3 food safety cases, the Chinese business needs adjustment and reflection. Industry experts remind, the domestic dairy has expired Pro animal feed, food baking, a re packaging and other three kinds of flows, as well as food raw materials to processing is how to calculate the shelf life of regulatory gaps, so in 2014 2015, the remaining goods to market concern. Suspense 1 former executives involved only individual behavior? New hope investment platform is refers to the lack of supervision according to the Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration informed the news, in January this year, Liu suspects through its control of outer Shanghai Jia International Trade Co. Ltd, inventory expired 276 tons produced in New Zealand Fonterra "baked dairy products by Nantong Huayuan company to go feed sales to Shanghai ginger Kennedy International Trade Limited company account method. Since then, Jiang Di company will be 166.8 tons of which were sold to Shanghai Rong Shun Food Co. Ltd., Shanghai Zhi Yi Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jinhe Food Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu, Henan, Qinghai and other downstream distributors. In this case, Shanghai Daily said in a statement before Scarlett, Liu suspected of illegal transactions in their personal behavior. Grassroots Jhihben also issued a statement saying that the case is outside the former head of Shanghai Jia Liu control. However, with a view of grassroots ontology and I just as the controlling shareholder has oversight responsibility for. Business information display, Shanghai foreign trade limited company Scarlett Jhihben grassroots Company Limited, the shareholding ratio of 51%. The other two shareholders as seats and white dawn, the shareholding ratio was 9% and 40%. Public information display, grassroots Jhihben was established in April 2015, is the new hope group chairman Liu Yonghao and Wang hang, Xi Gang jointly launched the industrial investment platform. In August 13, 2015 before the change in equity, Shanghai Jia outside the actual holding side is the new hope dairy. According to the industrial and commercial information, the core figure of the case, Liu is indeed the former legal representative of Shanghai Jia, director Liu Minggang. Liu Minggang until April 13th of this year is still in the above positions, and the handling of the case to investigate the case time for the year of March 22nd, indicating that when the incident is still in control of the Shanghai Liu Minggang outside. In October 25th, Shanghai International Limited Scarlett head of operations section manager said in an interview with Beijing News reporter, during this grassroots Liu Minggang holdings, the actual job of Shanghai Jia foreign general manager, fully responsible for the management of the company, the sale of dairy products is not beyond the scope of duties. The company is in June this year, the law enforcement department Fang相关的主题文章: